Tuesday, July 18, 2000

Musketeers are rivals this time

McAfee, Lumpkin face off at point

By Pete Holtermann
Enquirer contributor

        For two years Maurice McAfee and Gary Lumpkin went up against each other during Xavier's practices. They'll meet again on the basketball court today, but Skip Prosser won't be there to coach them this time.

        Lumpkin's Mike Albert Leasing team (10-0) will be trying to wrap up a perfect season in the championship game of the Deveroes Summer League against McAfee's Kenwood Old-Timers at 7:30 p.m. today at Oak Hills High. No team has ever won both the regular-season and tournament titles in the summer league, but Mike Albert could do that tonight.

        McAfee, who will start his senior year at XU this fall, claims there is no significance for him in facing a team that is filled with Xavier connections.

        “I don't care,” he calmly said Sunday before yelling, “I'm not losing!” to Mike Albert's David West, an XU sophomore. Lumpkin graduated from Xavier in 1999, ending his career with 1,507 points (12th all time) and 470 assists.

        McAfee, who has 866 points and 248 assists in three seasons, apprenticed under Lumpkin at point guard for two seasons, a role that typically required him to play opposite the veteran in practice. “I don't know whether it's an advantage or not,” Lumpkin said. “We're definitely familiar with each other by now.”

        Tonight's championship will be preceded by a game featuring two teams from the women's summer league. The Xavier-loaded Cincinnati Stars will take on The Intimidators at 6 p.m.

        NBA ACTION: Mike Albert will have a short bench because four of the team's Xavier alums are working out with NBA teams: Torraye Braggs (Detroit), Lenny Brown (Phoenix), James Posey (Denver) and Darnell Williams (Sacramento).

        Former Cincinnati Bearcat Pete Mickeal, the last pick in June's NBA Draft, missed summer league action to work out with the New York Knicks, and Eric Johnson (Woodward/Louisville) is with the Miami Heat. Rosters:

        Mike Albert Leasing: Tyrice Walker (Hamilton/Xavier), Gary Lumpkin (Xavier), David West (Xavier), Sherwin Anderson (Xavier), Steve Gentry (Xavier), Chris Mack (St. Xavier, Xavier), Jamie Mahaffey (Roger Bacon, Miami), Walt McBride (Summit Country Day, Xavier).

        Kenwood Old-Timers: Jack Jennings (Holmes, Western Kentucky), Kevin Britten (Taft), Leonard Stokes (Cincinnati), B.J. Grove (Cincinnati), Monte Johnson (Taft), Brandon Hunter (Withrow, Ohio), Maurice McAfee (Xavier), Paul McMillian (Aiken, Miami-Middletown), David Shelton (Western Hills, Tulsa), Donte Russell (Aiken, Miami-Middletown).


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