Saturday, May 01, 1999

What recruiting 'experts' say about Xavier

        • Van Coleman, FutureStars: “It looks like right now that class will rank somewhere in my top 30. I haven't done my final ranking. ... David West, I think, is a steal. I don't think people realize how good he is on a national basis. He tore up some bigger names in some of the prep school stuff this winter. ... I think it's a very, very good, solid class and keeps Xavier moving in the same direction they've been moving, and staying in that top 20, top 25 area nationally in the future.”

        • Clark Francis, Hoop Scoop: “It's not like last year, it's not like they're signing a bunch of big-name guys. Maybe they've got some sleepers; none of them are top-100 guys. I don't point to anybody and say, "Wow.' It's an OK class. I think based on what they brought in a year ago, they don't have to recruit great this year. This is not a marquee great class; I would say top 50 to 100. I thought last year's class was fabulous. Maybe I don't have all the information. You want to beat Temple, you want to beat the best teams in the Atlantic 10, you've got to have better than that.”

        • Bob Gibbons, All Star Sports: “That's definitely a top-15 national class. Once again, they just reload. This is another good year. David West, I think, is a steal for them. Three ACC teams wanted him (Virginia, Clemson, Georgia Tech). David Young (USA Today's Player of the Year in Pennsylvania) will be in our national top 100. He's in the top 15 second guards. He had a terrific year. All in all, he's their best new player.”


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