This week, we present a summer survival series, each day completing the sentence, “I could keep my cool this summer if only...”

Monday: “ back yard were cool.”
Beating the heat in your own back yard
You don't have a boat. You can't head to the lake for three straight months. And you don't have the cash for an in-ground pool. So how are you gonna stay cool in the uncomfort of your own back yard?

Tuesday: “...I had a pool.”
Find a place to plunge in and GET WET!
While kiddie pools and water sprinklers get their share of use during the long, hot summer, sometimes, Tristaters get the urge to travel for a more thorough plunge.

Wednesday: “...I had water toys.”
Bigger, wetter toys for 2000
For $10-$50, your kids can make a big splash in the neighborhood

Thursday: “...I had a boat.”
Want a boat? Wide wake of choices
On water, as on land, bigger seems always to be better.

Friday: “...I could be “cool.”
Cool for sale
Car, clothes or shades - maybe you can beat the heat if you buy what's hot