This week, readers take on the jobs of reporters in The Enquirer's Tempo section.

Secret places, slower paces
        Today's topic, the Tristate's best-kept secret places, brings to mind the notion that maybe we need to slow down. Slowing down allows us to see things, things that otherwise would be a blur in our breakneck, 24-7 lives.

They're mad as ...
        Whether it's Cincinnati's heat and humidity, surviving recycled summer TV or refereeing fights over who controls the car radio, our brave correspondents zeroed right in on the particular glitch that jumps on their last nerve and stomps it into the ground.

What they did on their Summer Vacations
        Sometimes the best part of a vacation is telling your friends about it. Today, we share some of your reports on your summer vacations. Slide shows were disallowed.

Turning against technology
        Ah, the old days. Whether they were good or not depends upon whom you ask. But the days are long past when viruses meant only the stomach flu and a mouse was simply a nuisance.

Good ideas for kid's play
        Some parents plan elaborate activities for long car trips. Others send their kids to the pool for work and play, hold a neighborhood soccer camp or do theme days, combining fun with learning. Here's how they make it work:

Keeping house in summer
        We proposed the general theme of ways to make your home more “summery.” We received tips on how to and how not to tackle housecleaning and some colorful ways to beat the heat.

They're highly fond of the famous
        Readers tell us of their infatuations and brushes with celebrity.