Tuesday, April 9, 2002

Faces of Over-the-Rhine

Latrell Walker

        In his work with neighborhood kids as a crew leader with IMPACT, Latrell Walker tells them to "stay off the corners, don't hang out," but they don't always listen to his advice.

        One young man in particular he thought he was making progress with. "I tried to bring him back, but he chose the streetcorner instead."

        That's where the trouble is.

        "In summer, a lot of them work for IMPACT and we tell 'em to stay in school, graduate and train for the real world," he says while sweeping along Findlay Market, "but they don't always listen."

        IMPACT employs and trains Over-the-Rhine adults, like Mr. Walker, and youngsters for projects aimed at improving the appearance of the neighborhood.

        "This area is hard hit with trash," he says. "Keeping it clean is hard. We run on donations, trying to keep kids busy and keep Cincinnati beautiful."

        He hasn't see a big difference in the neighborhood in the last year. "As far as the violence, it's the same," he says. "I've seen no change.

        "I've has a couple of friends who've gotten killed for nothin.' They were just in the wrong place, at the wrong time . . . weren't doing anything wrong, just got in the way of something bad."

        The key is to "stay off the corners," says the 32-year-old father of two daughters who spends his time working or visiting them in Laurel Homes.

        "Hanging is bad. Real bad. Nothin' but trouble."

-Joy Kraft

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Restaurant owner
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Jordanian grocer
Gallery owner
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