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Alex's Box of Crayons
Do you like to color? Well, Alex loves to color and he has tons of coloring books just waiting for you to fill in with his favorite virtual crayons. Just stay between the lines, and go to http:// www.kidalex.com/ where Alex will get you started. Technically speaking, he has links to update your browser if you need to because this site uses JAVA in an awesome way! Make up a secret word, choose a picture and start coloring. Try out all the crayons, if you like, because you can erase any color and try again and again until it's the way you want it. You can put your picture on Alex's Refrigerator or "frame it" and print it out so you can have a copy when you're offline. Don't forget about your grandmother. If she's "wired," you can send her your picture as an online postcard. Color it fun!

Visual Magic
Special effects will mesmerize you at Visual Magic, where the world of computer animations, 3-D graphics and digital eye candy comes to life. The online magazine is produced by visual and special effects artists from around the world, and has info on everything from movies to make-up to cartoons. Follow the bouncing pixel to http:// visualmagic.awn.com/ and discover how the filmmakers from "Titanic" created digital humans and other extraordinary effects. You'll also get the lowdown on 3-D scanners, software and killer graphics apps. There are special tutorials so you can learn how to model your own Santa Claus or build your own Jurassic Park!

The Czar Bazzar
Russia has one of the richest and most fascinating histories in the world. Hop around the centuries to explore the little-known details of Russian culture at http:// www.bucknell.edu/ departments/ russian/ history.html Climb the family tree of a czar, hang around a palace, explore national treasures‹or learn about how the communists changed all that. From the ancient empire of Khazaria to the 20th-century Cold War, there's nothing missing from this complete source on Russian culture.

When you know the answers to the questions below, enter your answers. If you are correct, you will become a "4Kids Detective of the Week." If a question is not answered it is considered wrong. Good luck.

1. When in Russian history did the Soviet Period begin?

2. You can't eat them, but what does Alex's site make use of?
3. What are the rules about meeting an e-pal offline?
Bring your dog along.
Call the police.
Tell your parents.

Dear Amy: How can I read my e-mail when I am away from home?-Trish, Independence, MO

Dear Trish: Because your e-mail stays on the mail server until you want to read it, you can check your e-mail at a cybercafe while you are on vacation or even from your local library. The easiest way is to reconfigure the e-mail preferences on the Web browser software, like Internet Explorer or Netscape, for your e-mail account. You will need to know the name of your mail server and your e-mail address. When you set up these preferences on someone else's computer, you may want to leave your mail on the mail server and not download it to their computer. Also, clear off your address when you are done to protect your privacy.

Dear Amy: I really want a pen pal. Can you please help me find one?-Heather, Keene, NH

Dear Heather: It's fun to have an e-pal. Before you start, there are some safety rules to follow, and the first one is to ask your parent's permission! Go to FreeZone at http:// freezone.com/ epals and read their safety rules before you enter your "statz" or interests. You can read other e-pal statz and choose someone to send e-mail to. Most online stuff is safe if you NEVER give out any personal information. Follow the rules and have fun!

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