Republican National Convention

Results of our daily e-mail poll

        We received 21 responses to Thursday's question:

        The Republican National Convention stressed how it welcomes people of all colors into its Big Tent. Do you think the party succeeded or failed in convincing the public?

        The results:

        • Succeeded: 62% (13)

        • Failed: 38% (8)

        Here are some of your comments:

        David Whitesel: The party has always welcomed people of all colors and creeds. It is a misconception, perpetuated by the media that the Republicans had to convinve the public. They have created an energized, exciting convention screaming of national pride and respect for the people that have made this country the greatest in the world. They are here to restore dignity and character to the highest office in the land.

        Alec Moorhead: This slickly packaged show of pretend diversity was a transparent fake. So is the whole "convention"--a four-day long campaign commercial whose content doesn't represent the real Republican Party. A fake, and we're not buying it.

        Orrin E Tucker: Republicans in general have always been color blind, it's the Liberals who tend to separate folks into little groups so they may be controlled and manipulated. I cannot understand why minorities vote for Democrat Liberals who use them by giving welfare, food stamps and various other programs which do not help, but keeps them oppressed. I and many other Republicans welcome all minorities, after all we are all Americans. Let's stop sub-dividing Americans into little groups so the Government has total control over them. That is what George W. Bush can and will do.

        Franklin R. Alvarez: I am a Republican. I am a Latino man. I agree with the party in a lot of issues but I know better. Perfect example, congress person from Arizona, gay man giving a speech, the delegation from Texas wanted to leave. Unless you are a rich white man, your ideas and opinions don't count in the Republican party.

        Anonymous: Get it right. The liberal media cannot accept the fact that the Republican party is a party of inclusion and it's sole purpose is to give people the tools necessary to succeed.

        Donovan Mohlman: The Republican party tried desperately to convince the public that it is a diverse party, and it worked if you paid attention only to those on stage. If the American public paid any attention, they would have noticed that the crowd shots were almost entirely white males, and don't blame the media for this! Viva Bush? More like: Bush Y'all!

        Betty Rice: I feel that the GOP has proved that color doesn't matter in the politics.

        Pat Hennigan: Lots of glitz and glamour and "feel good" activities. But same old conservative line of stagnate policies and ideas.

        We received 32 responses to Wednesday's question:

        Former defense secretary Dick Cheney will campaign extensively in swing states for the Bush candidacy. Do you think Mr. Cheney will make a significant, positive difference in the election?

        The results:

        • Yes: 62% (20)

        • No: 38% (12)

        Here are some of your comments:

        Gary Ortiz: I served in the Active Army under Dick Cheney and he is, without question, an honest, solid and strong leader.

        Guy Folkman: Cheney is very intelligent and is able to handle the liberal media's asinine questions with ease.

        Jeremy R. Merritt: I think Mr. Cheney can provide the Bush campaign with a positive underscoring message reinforcing the idea that dignity and integrity can be applied to American politics, including what we find in the White House.

        Anonymous: Cheney is from the old world as far as thinking oil is more important than water. Those poor ideals are better left behind.

        We received 28 responses to Tuesday's question:

        Republican convention organizers are staying away from directly criticizing Bill Clinton and his administration. Do you agree with that strategy?

        The results:

        • Yes: 93% (26)

        • No: 7% (2)

        Here are some of your comments:

        Jeff: I think that George W. Bush is trying to run a different campaign then his father. Ex President Bush did nothing but sling mud against Bill Clinton and he got beat.

        Donovan Mohlman: Republicans realize that in order to win the upcoming election they will have to mirror the policies of the Clinton Administration. They've finally realized that after 8 years of trashing him the American public is sick of their tactics. It's a lot easier to criticize than to come up with solutions, and if you don't have any better ideas you might as well go with what has been working. It's sad to see the Republicans doing a better job at promoting the Democratic platform than the Democrats themselves.

        Roger Troy: There is plenty of time to criticize Clinton after the convention, which they should do since it gets Clinton upset, he mouths off, and distracts attention from Gore.

        Matthew Malott: I am a Republican, I say let the Democrats spend all of their time being negative, hopefully the country will see through the James Carville Weasel Crew (JCWC) and elect George Bush.

        B. de Silva:The plan is pretty transparent and shows some fear that they cannot win.

        Danielle Luke: I feel that running a positive campaign shows the integrity of the Republican party. My decision in any election would be influenced through hearing what the candidate stands for and is going to do for me and the American people ... not through what the other guy has done wrong.

        Michael Ream: Defining themselves by their platform and beliefs will better serve themselves and America. Bill Clinton needs no criticism - his illicit behavior, double-talk legacy, and money raising scandals far outspeak anything that the Republicans might say

        Michael Noyola-Izquierdo: Because the Clinton record has been excellent, the country is much better off than during the deficit spending, homophobic, Iran-Contra Reagan-Bush years.

        Jack M. Fizer: The convention now is just to let off a little steam. The bashing/truth will start when the conventions are over.

        Adam Koenig: As the old saying goes, don't kill someone who is committing suicide.

        Jeffrey A. Smith:Let the Demon-crats sling all the mud they want. I believe the GOP understands that the American voter is perfectly well aware of the type of sleazy people in the current administration and it would be pointless to beat that dying horse. We can take the high road to the White House without being concerned that, by not mentioning the Clinton/Gore sleaze factor, we might miss out on a chance to educate the one person in the country who hasn't noticed it yet because they have apparently been living under a rock for the last seven and a half years.
        We received 12 responses to Monday's question:

        A draft of the Republican party platform drops the party's call for making English the official language. Do you agree?

        The results:

        • Yes: 50% (6)

        • No: 50% (6)

        Here are some of your comments:

        Wayne Hopfensperger: Granted, learning the English language is not easy. If you want to live , learn, earn in the United States, learn the language. A dual or multi-language education system only serves to slow down and confuse everybody.

        We received 44 responses to Sunday's question:

        Should the Republican Party platform continue to call for a constitutional amendment to ban abortions?

        The results:

        • Yes: 64% (28)

        • No: 36% (16)

        Here are some of your comments:

        Mark Knipper: The Republican party is absolutely correct in maintaining their stance on a constitutional ban on all abortions. Although this is the Republican party position, I have not seen much emphasis placed on this national tragedy on the national level. National leaders, including the President and Congress, should prioritize this issue. National leaders should make the constitutional amendment to ban abortions an issue and deal with it instead of just a plank in their campaign speech that they can talk about. The American people need to believe that our representatives in the GOP take our views on abortion as serious as we do. The American people also need a major political party to believe in. If the GOP were to drop their anti-abortion stance, they would lose more than a lot of voters. They would lose their credibility.

        Roland Davis: Abortion is the taking of an innocent human life, period. This evil practice will end one day, just as surely as slavery, which was also legalized, ended. Thank you, Republicans, for taking a stand for life.