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Opening a 95-day countdown to the election, Republicans George W. Bush and Dick Cheney charge into Midwest battleground states Friday pledging to ``use these good times for great goals.''

Bush 'trouble-shooter' oversees coronation
There are good reasons why the Bush family has wanted Indian Hill's Joe Hagin on its side in one political war after another for 20 years.

Tough fight lies ahead
        The good news for the thousands of Republicans who will fan out across the country from here today is that, for the first time in many years, they have had a positive, upbeat convention.

Brother's task: Deliver Florida
If the Ohio Republican leadership is under pressure to deliver for George W. Bush this fall, it pales in comparison to the heat that is on Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, the nominee's brother.

PULFER: Politics all in the Bush family
It has become known as the “daddy slam.”

WILKINSON: Kasich future contender
John Kasich might have been the presidential candidate of the Republican Party, standing on the podium Thursday in the First Union Center, showered by confetti and balloons.

CROWLEY: Bush appears the man to beat
Released from the politically protective womb of the Republican National Convention, George W. Bush leaves here as the GOP's nominee for president with something the party hasn't had following the last two conventions.

Cheney gives delegates the edge it wants
Though pleased with the positive tone of the Republican National Convention, some Kentucky delegates were happy to finally hear some harder-edged partisan politics Wednesday night from vice presidential candidate Dick Cheney.

Convention Notebook
Boone County Jailer John Schickel, a GOP delegate from Hebron, got a big thrill Wednesday night when he was chosen as one of the official greeters for the arrival vice presidential candidate Dick Cheney.
George W. Bush warmed up for the convention Sunday by testing parts of his acceptance speech before 2,000 supporters in Blue Ash.

George W. Bush promised at least 1,000 Devou Park supporters on Saturday that he would win both Ohio and Kentucky in November.

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Jun. 28, 2011
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