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GlennGlenn grounded for good
There will be no more space flights. His wife, Annie, has put her foot down.
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GlennDAY 10: 'Beautiful landing!'
It was a textbook landing to a storybook flight for John Glenn, the first American in orbit and now the oldest person to fly in space.

  • Ohio serves space missions
  • Next for NASA: International Space Station

  • DAY 9: Glenn set to return today
    The space shuttle Discovery is expected to land at 12:04 p.m. at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. Weather is not expected to be a problem.

  • DAY 8: Chewing gum bonds Glenns
    As the space shuttle Discovery spends today winding up its many science experiments, Annie Glenn is getting ready to welcome her husband back to Earth - with a whole pack of chewing gum.

  • DAY 7: Trading barbs with Leno
    The world' s oldest astronaut, John Glenn, and Tonight Show host Jay Leno engaged in a little comic sparring Wednesday.
    Things get a little thorny aboard Discovery

  • DAY 6: Discovery recaptures satellite
    The crew completed another flawless day in orbit Tuesday with the successful recapture of the Spartan-201 satellite.
  • DAY 5: Crew gets R&R
    The Discovery crew got a half-day off Monday, giving them time to look out the windows, talk to their families, take crew photos and relax.
  • DAY 4: Space sunrise inspiring
    "It was truly awesome," John Glenn said. "To look out at this creation and not believe in God is impossible.
  • DAY 3: Glenn afloat
    John Glenn spent Halloween in space learning the tricks of zero gravity and giving a treat to students in three cities who got a chance to talk to him.
  • DAY 2: Down to work
    Discovery's crew moved through a steady pace of experiments Friday, releasing a telecommunications satellite and beginning research.
  • DAY 1: "Great day for America'
    With a deep, ripping roar that shook the ground 3 miles away, space shuttle Discovery lanced through a billowing cloud of smoke Thursday as the world watched John Glenn's return to orbit.
    Lost panel no big deal
    None of the glitches surrounding the launch of space shuttle Discovery appears critical, but NASA officials are continuing to investigate what happened to the drag chute door.
    New Concord tense, joyous
    At liftoff, almost everyone stood and cheered. But Lloyd White sat quietly, eyes on a giant video screen that showed space shuttle Discovery -- with his friend John Glenn aboard -- soaring into space.
    Tristate couple relive '62 with kids
    The shock waves of Discovery's blast-off Thursday rippled through two generations of a local family standing less than 5 miles from the launch pad.
    250,000 at launch party
    The day John Glenn returned to space wasn't a holiday along Florida's Space Coast, but it felt like one -- whoops and cheers, barbecues and flagwaving, tears and wild applause.
    Clinton salutes "genuine American hero'
    Nervous and excited "like a kid at his first Christmas," President Clinton watched John Glenn's liftoff Thursday from a rooftop shaking with rocket thunder. He saluted Mr. Glenn as "a genuine American hero."
    Schools want to build on momentum
    Some wriggled with excitement while others chatted or played with classmates' chairs.
    Glenn's first words
    After Thursday's Discovery launch, John Glenn's first conversation with mission control in Houston occurred about 5:30 p.m., three hours into the flight:
    Senior citizens beamed with pride Thursday as the 77-year-old John Glenn returned to space.
    How do astronauts go to the bathroom?
    Launch highly defined on TV of future
    The future of television was greeted with applause Thursday by more than 250 people watching new high-definition TV at Circuit City.

    Glenn Glenn tests limits again
    What are the scientific reasons for putting John Glenn aboard the space shuttle Discovery? What might nearly nine days in space teach the world about aging that can't be figured out on Earth?
    GlennCountdown starts for Glenn
    Just as John Glenn rocketed into history 36 years ago as the first American to orbit Earth, he's poised to make history again as the oldest person ever in space.

    GlennHero of yesteryear,
    hope for the future

    Thirty-six years after his first trip into space, can John Glenn draw the same broad public support for the space program new as he did then?

    Local company saved first trip
    CTL Aerospace in West Chester manufactured the heat shield material that saved Friendship 7 from a firey reentry.

    Q&A: What if . . . someone dies?
    Schools study Glenn's 1st flight
    Launch harder sell for kids
    Glenn taking Metamucil along
    Family visits buoy crew
    Space Coast split over value of mission
    Tourism gets shot in the arm
    City will light up again to greet Glenn
    Glenn's generation says Godspeed
    Glenn knows how to get what he wants
    Glenn drives crew in escape drills
    Glenn touts value of research
    Glenn back to his old tricks

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