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Patrick Reddy, of Green Township, started as an Enquirer photographer in June 1993.

He attended Ohio State University on The Evans Scholarship, studying in the English honors program. He also studied French and journalism. He graduated cum laude in 1976.

Before joining the Enquirer in June 1993, he was a liquor store clerk, a bartender, a mailman, a member of the Teamsters and Laborers' unions and a stained-glass artisan. He also worked in a potato chip factory and on a pig farm.

He photographically illustrated textbooks, worked as associate editor of a small newspaper and was a staff photographer at The Cincinnati Post.

Notable projects: For the 50th anniversary of D-Day, he followed local D-Day veteran Harry Waechter as he retraced his footsteps of 50 years ago across England and France.

“I try to think ahead of what's going on so I'm in the right spot with the right lens at the right moment. I also like photos that are humorous and, when possible, include some serendipitous moment.”