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Yoni Pozner, who lives in Mount Adams, started at the Enquirer in April 1996.

She studied journalism and Hebrew at the University of Arizona, graduating with a bachelor's degree.

Before joining the Enquirer, she worked at The Tucson Citizen for three years. Pozner, who grew up in Canada and Israel, became interested in photography while serving in the Israeli army during the Lebanon war.

Notable/favorite work: Documenting the work of Sister Kateri, a nun who has dedicated her life to taking care of inner-city kids.

She lists as her influences Mary Ellen Mark, Alfred Eisenstaedt, her Enquirer colleagues and Steve Jessmore of The Saginaw News.

Her style is documentary and portraitures.

“I'm no fly on the wall, so the best way for me to get pictures is to get to know the person. And if I have to sit in their lap and smell them and use that wide angle lens, then I will. It just feels right.”