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An illustration for Frisbee games. I was assigned to create a photograph for a story on Frisbee games for the cover of “Weekend.” I wanted to illustrate the Frisbee as a sports classic. That led me to thinking about other classics, like Greek gods. I spotted what I wanted in an art history book — the Greek discus statue. I knew this pose/concept had been used before, so I wanted to throw a twist into it to make mine fresh. Knowing that Frisbees can be very colorful, I decided to create a monotone scene that would emphasize its color. I had the model painted head to toe in gray and photographed him on a “column” made of patio stones. The monotone scene made the pink Frisbee even more dramatic. 1999
Jack Nicholson thrills the crowd as he leaves the track a few moments before the start of the 124th Kentucky Derby at Churchill Downs. 1998
Bob Bramlage of Newtown makes a turn on the Ohio in his 1948 Century Seamaid. He has been working on wooden boats for about three years. 1998 As an airliner heads west, an early morning fog rises off Winton lake at the newly renovated harbor area in late October. 1998
Eric Morgan, 40, of the West End, comforts Medina Freeman, 42, of Over-the-Rhine, as she mourns her son Quincy Freeman, 20, who was shot to death near Findlay Market. Mr. Morgan was Quincy's cousin. 1999
Donna Chandler holds her daughter Tara's hand at the Drake Center. Tara was injured in a car accident in mid April and remained unconscious and trapped in her car for hours as dozens of motorists drove by. The driver responsible for the accident has never been found. Tara, 21, recovered from her coma after several months. 1998
Jim Spurling of Florence, Ky., hangs out with Cookie, his 11-month-old Old English Sheepdog he rescued from a shelter. Spurling rescues Old English Sheepdogs. 1998
Reid Butler, 6, (third from left) clutches Joey Terranna, 6, at the sight of the “moat monster” in the Madcap Production Puppet Theater's presentation of “The Stepsisters' Revenge” at the Erlanger branch of the Kenton County Public Library. About 100 children and parents attended the show. 1999
The space shuttle Discovery on liftoff from Pad39B with Ohio Sen. John Glenn aboard. 1998
Eric Rowe and “One Eye Baby” are reunited at the Hamilton County SCPA. Cincinnati police confiscated the dog, believing it to be a pit bull, but a judge ruled in Mr. Rowe's favor. “I've got a lot to do this afternoon,” Mr. Rowe said, adding that he planned to bathe his pets. 1998
Kelly Sengewald of Confetti Cat, a Mount Lookout boutique, looks at Blue Chip, a Blue Abyssinian cat that belongs to Mary Ann Stansfield of Fairfield. Ms. Sengewald worked a booth at the 45th annual Cincinnati Cat Club show, sponsored by Friskies cat food, at the Cincinnati Convention Center. 1999
Abby Perkins-Banks, 5, of Middletown, Ohio, enjoys her first swim ever in the ocean on a beach at Cape Canaveral, Fla. Abby suffers from XP disease, an extremely rare condition that causes skin cancer with even the smallest amounts of exposure to ultra-violet radiation. Abby was able to swim in the Atlantic Ocean thanks to a new suit made of synthetic fibers that block UV rays. The suit covers every inch of her skin except her eye area, which is covered by goggles. 1999