Sunday, August 31, 1997
Couple focuses on new life
With a baby on the way and more work to be done,
this is a time for looking forward

The Cincinnati Enquirer

BUTLER - In the six months since floodwaters took away their dreams, life has come full circle for Patrick and Laurie Bass.

''Patrick is working on the baby room. I need to buy curtains,'' said Mrs. Bass, 19, as she talked about the couple's new life in a Butler ranch house.

It's the second baby room Mr. Bass, 29, has made for the child Mrs. Bass is due to deliver Oct. 18.

When floodwaters rumbled down Falmouth's Pendleton Street on March 1, the couple were just settling into the home they had bought in January. But before making a dent in their mortgage, the Basses lost the house and everything in it. They're working on a sale now, wanting to put that part of their life behind them.

''If we can just get rid of that house, we'll be on our way,'' Mrs. Bass said. ''At this point I don't even care.''

Mr. Bass is unmotivated, too. He said he can't even bring himself to mow the grass at the old home or keep the yard looking presentable.

New life holds the Basses' attention now.

''We had an ultrasound done, and the baby closed its legs, so we still don't know if it's a boy or a girl,'' Mrs. Bass said. ''It waved at us, and I swear he grinned at us.''

The Basses have worked hard to rebuild their lives.

Mrs. Bass took a part-time job at a Butler video store. Mr. Bass worked as much overtime as he could at Kahn's meat packing plant in Claryville. They saved enough and took out loans to buy another home and four acres, this time high above the water on Ky. 609 in Butler.

Their new home is the fourth place they've lived since March. First it was the high school shelter. Then they shared a trailer with a family of six. They then moved in with Mr. Bass' parents in Butler.

Now the Basses have everything they wanted - three bedrooms, living room, dining room, computer room, space for Mr. Bass' hunting gear and mounted catches and a garage. And water never made it into the yard during the floods.


The Flood of '97