Wednesday, April 30, 1997
Library gets $20,000 from P&G

The Cincinnati Enquirer

To help the library
To find out which books the library needs to have replaced, go to the Adience Design Web site at For information on other ways to donate to the library, call 654-8535 or write the Pendleton County Public Library, 228 Main St., Falmouth 41040.

FALMOUTH - Janie Harter finally gets her wish today.

The librarian at Pendleton County Public Library has spent the past two months mailing letters, making pleas and asking everyone she can think of to give money to the library.

Procter & Gamble Co. is answering the call, presenting the library today with a $20,000 check from the company's relief fund.

''I'm very excited,'' Ms. Harter said. ''Now maybe we can get something going.''

The March flooding of the Licking River destroyed 30,000 books and severly damaged the library on Main Street.

While thousands of books and a copier machine have been donated, the library doesn't have money to begin repairs on the building.

''I was worrying we wouldn't have anyplace to put the books,'' Ms. Harter said.

P&G decided to make a donation to the library because many employees live in Pendleton County and use the facility, company spokeswoman Linda Ulrey said.

The relief fund was started in 1995 after the earthquake in Kobe, Japan.

The public and employees could make donations to be used for relief of natural disasters, Ms. Ulrey said.

Money is donated to areas where P&G employees live or work.

The $20,000 is desperatey needed, Ms. Harter said.

She and other librarians work in two bookmobiles parked outside the building.

Once a week, another mobile library from the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County goes to Pendleton County to reach residents outside of Falmouth.

Ms. Harter said the many book donations are appreciated, and she hopes they continue.