Tuesday, April 15, 1997
Library deluged by help
Books pouring in to Falmouth staff

The Cincinnati Enquirer

To help

To find out which books the library needs replaced, go to the Adience Design web site at www.adience.com . For information on other ways to donate to the library, call 654-8535 or write the Pendleton County Public Library, 228 Main St., Falmouth 41040.

FALMOUTH - Donated books are coming in to the Pendleton County Public Library in waves, but librarian Janie Harter is worried there won't be a building to put them in.

''We're getting plenty of books, which is wonderful,'' Ms. Harter said. ''But it's going to cost $200,000 to fix the building, and we don't have that money.''

The March flooding of the Licking River destroyed 30,000 books and severly damaged the library, located on Main Street.

Now Ms. Harter and other librarians work in two bookmobiles parked on Main Street. Once a week another mobile library from the Cincinnati/Hamilton County Public Library goes to Pendleton County to reach residents outside of Falmouth.

Pendleton's library also is receiving help from all over the nation, including a company from New Jersey.

Partners at Adience Design, a service provider of Lotus Notes computer technology, heard of the library's plight on National Public Radio.

''We were driving on the New Jersey Turnpike and heard the interview and said, 'Let's see what we can do,' '' Peter Matthews said.

So he and Michael Barker went to work.

They came up with a web site telling others how to help. Scheduled to be up and running by the end of the week, the site will list the books that the library lost.

Information also will be provided on how those titles can be donated, purchased and replaced, Mr. Matthews said.

The list will be updated to try to prevent too much duplication.

Telephones, a fax machine and a copier also are needed before the library can reopen, Ms. Harter said.

But readership is low now.

''We're not checking out a whole lot of books, just a few,'' Ms. Harter said. ''Most people are rebuilding and have no time to read.''