Friday, March 14, 1997
302 still listed as missing
Officials plead for information

The Cincinnati Enquirer

FALMOUTH - Trying to determine who is dead and who is alive, Pendleton County officials issued a list Thursday of 302 persons they think are missing.


Officials are asking people who see their names or have information about names on the list to call the Pendleton County Dispatch Center at 606-654-3300.

Disaster Emergency Services Director Craig Peoples put the list together.

''We're trying to figure out who is OK and with family and friends and who isn't,'' Mr. Peoples said.

Searches for missing bodies are continuing as residents try to put order back into Falmouth.

As the Kentucky National Guard leaves to assist in areas flooded in western Kentucky, the Army Corps of Engineers arrived Thursday to help remove homes and other debris from city streets.

Garbage is becoming the big news in town. So much is being dumped into the northern Pendleton Rumpke Landfill that the life of the dump will be shortened, General Manager Jack Kerr said.

Now open 24 hours a day, the landfill has processed 2,600 tons of flood-related trash. At $19 a ton, that's $49,400 the county will have to pay.

''And it's just beginning. There'll be a lot more once they really start tearing the houses down,'' Magistrate Jim Fossett said.

The Pendleton Fiscal Court met Thursday for the first time since the Licking River flooded much of Falmouth and Butler.

The court will hold weekly meetings for at least the next month.

Magistrates and Judge-executive Donald Mays said they would like to see some sort of water control system placed on the Licking River, but their first priority is getting county services back on line.

''We've got to pay our employees. They've lost enough,'' Mr. Mays said. ''Let's get the jail opened.''

The county's insurance plan with the Kentucky Association of Counties will cover repairs at the court house, the ambulance building and the jail. The plan also provides $500,000 for loss of contents.

The fiscal court agreed to return all buildings to their pre-flood condition.

County officials met Thursday with Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) workers to discuss how housing can be provided for those left homeless.

One option being discussed is a temporary mobile home park funded by the county and FEMA.

Though the city looks more and more like a ghost town, Falmouth businesses are starting to reopen. BB's Shell Superstation and Rite Aid. are now serving customers.