Saturday, March 8, 1997
Help on the Web

Official information

Ohio Emergency Management Agency - has a small page of information on Southern Ohio Flooding that contains official situation reports and press releases.

U.S. Geological Survey Water Resource department -

Travel tips

Kentucky Road Report -

Ohio road report -

How to deal with a flood emergency

Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) - Has a section on "Help After a Disaster" that offers information about applying for federal assistance, finding food, clean water, housing and counseling after a flood.

American Red Cross - Contains information about ARC activities and disaster relief efforts in central states. Also, an online booklet "Repairing Your Flooded Home," prepared by FEMA, is available at

The Iowa State University Extension Service - Has a primer on cleaning up after a flood, including deciding what food to use or discard, how to dry and sanitize household goods, what to do with electric appliances and how to safely return to a flood-damaged house.

Disaster Relief - A combo site of Red Cross and CNN provides news (from CNN) and a get help/give help section that allows you to search for a local Red Cross chapter. Also a library of general disaster coping information.

Clean-up tips for flooded homes

Do-It-Yourself.Com - Cleaning home furnishings

The Home Maintenance and Repair Page - Cleaning soaked carpets

University of Minnesota Extension Service - Cleaning carpets and rugs ""

Hardwood Manufacturers Association - Cleaning wooden floors