Thursday, March 6, 1997
Sites online offer help
with a flood emergency

How to deal
with a flood emergency

Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has a section on ''Help After a Disaster'' that offers information about applying for federal assistance, finding food, clean water, housing and counseling after a flood. Telephone: (800) 462-9029.

The Iowa State University Extension Service has an online primer on cleaning up after a flood, including deciding what food to use or discard, how to dry and sanitize household goods, what to do with electric appliances and how to safely return to a flood-damaged house.

American Red Cross Contains information about ARC activities and disaster relief efforts. Also, an online booklet, ''Repairing Your Flooded Home'' , prepared by FEMA, can be found here.

LifeLink This commercial site (it sells emergency supply kits) contains pages on surviving a disaster. Topics include food, clean water and shelter.

Disaster Relief A combo site of Red Cross and CNN, this site provides news and a get help/give help section that allows you to search for a Red Cross chapter. Also general disaster coping information.

Other sites offering cleanup tips:

Do-It-Yourself.Com: Cleaning home furnishings

University of Minnesota Extension Service: Cleaning carpets and rugs

Ohio Emergency Management Agency Has a small page for ''information on Southern Ohio Flooding,'' which contains official situation reports and press releases.