Thursday, March 6, 1997
Road closings



Clough Pike between Ohio 32 and Turpin Hills.

Newtown Road between Wooster and Valley roads.

Asbury Road at U.S. 52.

Roundbottom Road between Broadwell Road and Newtown corporation line.

Elstun Road at Spindlehill Drive.

Kellogg Avenue between Interstate 275 and Five Mile Road.

Eight Mile Road between Hopper Road and U.S. 52.

Four Mile Road between Gwendolyn Drive and Kellogg Avenue.

East Miami River Road from Cleves corporation line to Buffalo Ridge Road.

Kilby Road between U.S. 50 and Suspension Bridge/Cilley roads.

Sutton Road between Kellogg Avenue and Salem Road.

Moore Road and Debolt Road at Newtown line.

Miles Road (Winton Woods Park).

Lakeridge Road between McKelvey Road and Leacrest Drive.

Lawrenceburg Road between Suspension Bridge Road and U.S. 50.

Lawrenceburg Road between Miamiview Drive and U.S. 50.

Red Bank Road at Wooster Pike.


Kellogg Avenue between Delta and Stanley avenues.

Sutton Road from Kellogg Avenue to Salem Road.

Columbia Parkway, detour at Eastern to Delta. The ramps to Eggleston Avenue from westbound Columbia Parkway are closed.

Eastern Avenue inbound is closed at Delta.

All streets between Kellogg and Eastern avenues.

All streets south of Eastern Avenue and Kellogg Avenue.

Ohio 32 from Beechmont Avenue to Newtown, including ramp to Ohio 32 from Beechmont Avenue.

Mehring Way between Pete Rose Way and Carr Street.

Wooster Road from Beechmont Avenue to Red Bank Road.

Mehring Way between Sixth Street and Broadway.

Wilmer Road at Airport Road.

Pete Rose Way from Mehring Way to Freeman Avenue.

Pete Rose Way between Stadium Drive and Main Street.

River Road at Sixth Street Viaduct and State Avenue.

Eastern Avenue between Pete Rose Way and Delta Avenue.

Linn Street between Third and Fifth streets.

River Road at Evans Street.

All streets south of River Road.

Gracely Drive and Kirby Lane.

Plum Street at Pete Rose Way.

Salem Road from Sutton Avenue to Kellogg Avenue.

Wooster Road from Beechmont Circle northbound.

Kellogg Avenue exit off I-275 northbound.

Northbound entrance ramp from Kellogg Avenue to I-275.

1900 block of River Road by the old Amtrak station.


Shinkles Ridge Road.

Old U.S. 52 at Ohio 749 and at Nine Mile Road.

Neville Spur at U.S. 52.

Felicity-Cedron Road at Ohio 133.

Locust Corner Road at Nine Mile Road.

Nine Mile Road from the 3400 block south to U.S. 52.

Laurel-Moscow Road about half-mile from U.S. 52.

Clermontville Spur Road near the cul de sac.

Old U.S. 52 at terminus of Ohio 749.

Bear Creek Road.

Steamboat Lane.


Stephan Road.

Bardwell-Buford Road.

Sardinia-Mowrystown Road.

Russellville-Arnheim Road.

Old A&P Road.

Centerpoint Road.

Old U.S. 68.

Scoffield Road.

Incline Road.

Lafferty Road.

George Miller Road.

Shinkles Ridge Road.


Bluecreek Road from Cassel Run to Ohio 348.

Churncreek Road.

Bentonville Road.

Island Creek Road.

Slate Fork Road.

Randalls Run Road.

Waggoner Riffle.

Beasley Fork Road.

Cassel Run Road.



Ryle Road

South Fork Road.

Lower River Road.

Dale Williamson Road.

Bender Road.

River Road.


Ky. 8 at Ky. 1998.

Ky. 8 at Lower Eight Mile Road.

Wolf Barry Road.

Morning View Road.

Four Mile Pike at Uhl Road.

12 Mile Road at Oneonta Road and at Washington Trace.

Dodsworth Lane.

Uhl Road.

Rifle Range Road.

Fender Road.

Pond Creek Road.

Indian Trace Road.

Boone Smith Road at the bridge.

Licking Pike at Rifle Range Road.

Persimmon Grove Road.

Ky. 1998 at Ky. 8.

Three Mile Road in Wilder.

Truesdell Road at 12 Mile and Oneonta roads.

Wolf Road.

DeMossville Road.

Owl Creek Road.


River Road at 400 block of Bromley Road.

Washboard Road in Morning View.

Locust Pike.

Case Road.

Church Street in Taylor Mill.

Hooper Street in Ludlow.

Amsterdam Road.

River Road in Covington.

Church Street in Taylor Mill.

Visalia Bridge on Ky. 10 over the Licking River.

Rich Road.

Conley Road.

Locust Pike.

Ky. 8 from Bromley to Amsterdam roads.

45th Street and Virginia Road in Covington.

45th Street and Carroll Street in Covington.

Ky. 177 from Steep Creek Road to Pendleton County line.

Hempfling Road at Rich Road.

Cruise Creek Road at Ky. 17.

Shelby and Main streets in Bromley.

Butler Street in Ludlow.

Riverside Drive in Covington.



East Laughery Creek Road at Cole Lane.

East Laughery Creek Road at Gregory Road.

Cross Road.

Park Avenue.

Lower Dillsboro Road at Chesterville Road.

Lower end of North Hogan Road.

Hugeseman Road near the ford.

Doughty Road in Lawrenceburg.

Bottom of Kaiser Drive.


Hartford Pike.


Ind. 156 closed.

Ind. 56 between Vevay and Madison.

Patriot is being evacuated.