Thursday, March 6, 1997
Ky victims

As of Wednesday night, Kentucky disaster officials have recorded as many as 17 deaths. The total includes two deaths suspected - but not confirmed - in Owen County:

Feb. 28: Leisha Crowe of Warren County was killed when she drove her van off an 80-foot cliff during inclement weather, authorities said. Coroner Kevin Kirby said the van went off the road during a hard rain that severely reduced visibility. The van was found submerged in the rain-swollen Barren River.

March 1: Two people drowned in an auto in Owen County. Bodies still not recovered, according to state authorities.

March 1: David Ervin, 13, drowned when he was caught in a culvert in Shelby County. Coroner Tommy Sampson said the boy and his father were trying to clear debris from in front of the culvert when the son fell in the water. The father made repeated unsuccessful rescue attempts and had to be treated at a hospital for hypothermia. He was later released.

March 1: Tolbert H. Dallas, 70, of Fulton, was killed when his truck ran off a bridge and entered a small stream in the Water Valley community of Graves County and traveled about 360 feet in the water before stopping, police said.

March 1: Michael Ferrell, 41, of Central City was riding an inner tube in the rain-swollen Cypress Creek in Muhlenberg County. The inner tube became lodged against a bridge. Mr. Ferrell tried to grab the bridge railing but lost his grip and was pulled under the bridge by the swift current.

March 2: An elderly man suffered a heart attack in Cynthiana as he tried to push his pickup truck out of floodwaters, police said.

March 2: In Jefferson County, Rashaan Willis, 16, of Jeffersontown drowned when the van he was driving apparently was swept off a rural road where it crossed a creek. The boy's body was recovered about a quarter-mile downstream.

March 2: Dr. Raymond Neef, 31 of Lexington drowned while kayaking on swollen Boone Creek in Clark county.

March 3: The body of Judy Furnish, 53, of Vevay, Ind., was found on the banks of Eagle Creek in Glencoe in Gallatin County. Ms. Furnish was apparently westbound on Ky. 467 when she ran into floodwaters that had risen over the road. She apparently tried to get out of the car and walk to safety when she was swept away by the rough currents, said state police.

March 3: The body of David House, 50, of Midway was recovered in Franklin County after family members found his abandoned pickup truck in floodwaters along Bedford Road. Authorities said the victim apparently was swept away by the floodwaters from Elkhorn Creek after his truck was submerged.

March 3: Rescuers found the body of Stewart Buser of Mason County, who was swept into backwaters of the North Fork of the Licking River early Sunday. Mr. Buser was one of four men in a pickup truck that tried to cross the rain-swollen North Fork of the Licking River. The three other men were found floating in the water and were treated at a hospital for hypothermia.

March 4: The body of Hanly Tucker, 66, of Bourbon County was found behind the wheel of his half-submerged pickup on U.S. 68 near Millersburg. Authorities said his drowning was the result of a flash flood.

March 4: An elderly woman was found in the bedroom of her flooded house in Falmouth. A man who looks after her discovered the body after the water receded to a level that allowed him to get into the house, said Jan Wuchner, spokesman for the Kentucky State Police.

March 5: Three bodies discovered in Falmouth.