Wednesday, March 5, 1997

Bracken County

Evacuees: 150 residences and 25 businesses in Augusta.

Shelters: Bracken County High School in old jailhouse next to Bracken County Courthouse in Brooksville.

How to get help: Bracken County Dispatch center, (606) 735-2700.

How to give help: American Red Cross, (606) 782-5153. Donations can be made at the Watson Building on Miami Street in Brooksville.

News of the day: Flood waters have dropped in Milford.

Boone County

Evacuees: More than 40.

Shelter: Wildwood Motor Inn, 7809 U.S. 42 in Florence.

How to get help: Boone County Emergency Dispatching Center, 334-2279.

Environmental problems: None so far. Biggest problem will be cleanup.

News of the day: Flood waters might spill into such places as Taylorsport and Constance.

Campbell County

Evacuees: 1,321 individuals.

Shelters: Cold Spring Firehouse on U.S. 27, and Plum Creek Christian Church on U.S. 27, south of Grants Lick.

How to get help: Call fire department in jurisdiction. Emergency numbers are 635-1111 or 635-3122.

How to give help: American Red Cross, (800) 255-7070 or 579-3000. Clothing, non-perishable food items and cleaning supplies needed.

News of the day: Various fire departments and Campbell County Water Rescue units continued to evacuate.


Evacuees: None.

Shelters: Officials do not anticipate a need for shelters.

How to get help: Newport Police Department, 292-3622.

How to give help: Newport Police Department, 292-3622.

Business impact: Riverfront restaurants - Crockett's River Cafe, Barleycorn's Yacht Club, Hooters, Don Pablo's and the Chart House -

Environmental problems: Some concern about possible sewage problems because of waste-water flowing down river.

News of the day: Two of the city's three flood gates have been closed on the north end of town. The third, at Ky. 8 and Interstate 471, could be closed if the river continues to rise.

Kenton County

Evacuees: More than 1,000 countywide, including Covington.

Shelter: Bromley City Building, 226 Boone St.

How to get help: In emergencies, call 911; otherwise, contact the Salvation Army, 762-5600.

How to give help: Salvation Army, 762-5600.

Environmental problems: None.

News of the day: Residents of Bromley and Ludlow evacuated.


Number of evacuees: 200 families.

Shelters: Holmes High School field house, 25th St. and Madison Ave.; Hope Cottage, 434 East 43rd St.

How to get help: Covington Police Department, 292-2222.

Business impact: Twin Oaks Golf Course is flooded.

Environmental problems: None.

News of the day: Water rescue units helped residents evacuate the Shady Shores trailer park.

Pendleton County

Evacuees: 1,000 people.

Shelters: Pendleton County High School, on U.S. 27.

How to get help: Grant County Department of Emergency Services: 824-0050 or the American Red Cross, (800) 255-7070.

How to give help: Make donations at Williamstown Firehouse, 400 N. Main St.

Environmental problems: A boil water advisory has been issued.

News of the day: Flood waters fell by about 4 feet. Residents are preparing to return to home and begin clean-up operations.