GAO invites input

The Cincinnati Enquirer

U.S. General Accounting Office investigators probing reports of financial mismanagement and safety problems at Fernald say individuals who wish to speak to them confidentially or provide documents anonymously can contact them directly.

The GAO has set up a post office box in Maryland that Fernald workers can send documents to that they believe may provide evidence of wrongdoing or a lack of oversight by officials of either the U.S. Department of Energy or the company managing the cleanup at the site, the Fernald Environmental Restoration Management Co. (FERMCO).

That address is:

U.S. General Accounting Office

P.O. Box 3622

Gaithersburg, Maryland 20885-3622

Persons wishing to contact the GAO directly with information can call GAO investigator Robert Lilly at 301-903-3970, or the GAO's Ed Allen at 301-903-5710.

GAO officials said all contacts will be kept confidential and the names of persons providing information will not be revealed.

Published June 1, 1996.