Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Jacob Kelch's letter to the Maupin family

The Cincinnati Enquirer

Glen Este Middle School sixth-grader Jacob Kelch wrote a letter to the Maupin family that touched the family's hearts. Pfc. Keith Matthew Maupin's father, Keith Maupin, visited the school recently to thank Jacob, who will read the letter at Wednesday's ceremony at First Baptist Church of Glen Este after the worship service.

Here is the text of the letter:

Dear family of Matt Maupin,

I wrote you this letter to tell you that I am in deep sorrow and grief for your son. I wanted to let you know that I know that in my heart Matt will make it back perfectly safe. I've been keeping him in my mind and prayers, and Matt is a very brave and courageous person. I really hope that you all feel better and I'm sure that you pray for him, and just keep your faith in God. And if you do those things, you can definitely be sure that he is coming home soon.

Sincerely, Jacob Kelch (6th-grader at Glen Este)

M - Magnificent

A - Awesome

T - Truly brave

T - Trying hard to give Iraqis freedom

M - Marvelous

A - Always fighting hard in the war

U - Unwilling to give in to the terrorists

P - Patriotic

I - Into his country

N - Never going to give up