Sunday, February 1, 2004 -- Volume 8, No. 32
Cincinnati Tomorrow
stretches influence

The idea behind Cincinnati Tomorrow is to keep young people in the area. Folks inside and out say it's working.
ONLINE EXTRA: Send Cincinnati Tomorrow your recommendations.
Cincinnati Tomorrow

feltner Ambitious scholars, insufficient dollars
Lots of kids go to college, right? One year's tuition might equal half their parents' salary, but they still go. Every year. Lots of them. Here's how.

Super Bowl vs. 'Queer Eye'
NBC is pitting men against men with encore episodes of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy broadcast up against the Super Bowl. A comparison. TV rivals include lingerie, old flicks

Rounding third and...
After 60 years with the Reds, Joe Nuxhall is retiring. The Reds, who could make a decision as early as this week, are considering six candidates. Listen to MP3 clips of all six, and vote for your favorite!
Marty and Joe

Cyber Shootout winner
After online voting for the most memorable Shootouts, the results are in. Check out video clips of the top selections.
Rivals stumble into the Shootout

Leaders find way to win
As Greater Cincinnati prepares for its future culturally, socially and in economic terms, the community looks within for vision, inspiration and, perhaps most important, leadership.

500 could be part of diocese suit
The nation's first class-action lawsuit alleging sex abuse by Roman Catholic priests will move forward in Kentucky, with "very few" of the plaintiffs dropping out before Saturday's deadline.

knits Endless possibilities
The Cincinnati area has no shortage of knitting shops - or people willing to teach you how to knit. Here are some of their guiding tips.

Satellite radio sound salvation
Think of satellite radio as the audio equivalent of satellite TV. Currently, only two companies offer satellite radio in the U.S.
34 years later, he's got his 'cuda

Sure cures
for video vexation

For the couch-bound, sweater-clad, winter-avoiding masses, the only good reason to leave the house and brave snowy roads is to go get some videos.

Complete local news report

Read-In spotlights black authors
Pipes burst as temps plunge to record low
Cholesterol drugs studied
Kings schools study levy, layoffs
Miami U. confronts rumors, myths

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Complete sports report

Daugherty: Panthers a team we can love
Charlotte 86, UC 83
Dayton 74, Xavier 67
MND earns top seed
Federer wins Australian Open

    • More sports news...

Complete editorials report

Gridiron a practice field for politicians
Ohio's seniors deserve better care
Letters: Iraq and WMD
Letters: Wings taste test
Calm down, folks: It's about what tasted best

    • More editorials...

Complete business report

Look Who's Talking: James F. Orr
Queen City Rewind
See Super Bowl, check stocks
McDonald's gains at Burger King's expense
GM removes independence from Saturn

    • More business news...

Complete tempo report

Don't ask Johansson to just act her age
Conlon, chorus sing out
Lite menu delights symphony audience
Films don't always live up to Leonard's standards
Footlights program takes over Arnold's

    • More tempo news...

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Today's Enquirer Columnists
Kendrick: Teachers can learn lesson in empathy
Bronson: March Madness weeks away, but I'm already mad
Radel: USS Indianapolis will always haunt their memories, dreams
Good Things Happening
Daugherty: Panthers a team we can love
Curnutte: NFL Insider
Ernst: Kentucky preps insider

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Massive Recall of Acetaminophen Underway

AP: Startling Findings in Tillman Probe

Deadly Storm Wipes Out Road at Mt. Hood

1 Dead in Calif. Train Derailment

Houston Landscaper Accused of Bigotry

Army Officer to Be Court-Martialed

Four Plead Guilty in Ore. Ecoterror Case

Army Charges Ex-Sergeant in 3 Killings

Ex-Black Panther's Conviction Questioned

El Nino Expected to Continue Into 2007

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