Tuesday, September 16, 2003

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Heart hospital would duplicate services


The Enquirer's editorial ("Heart hospital/Center of excellence," Sept. 7) really piqued my interest, especially when followed up by a front-page article ("Health-care costs up 13.9%," Sept. 10) about the sharp increase in the cost of medical treatment in Cincinnati.

If this hospital is to be such a regional asset, these same physicians may want to look the group of cardiac specialists in nearby Dayton who already have a for-profit cardiac "center for excellence." This would save the region $55 million in increased medical expenses.

How is building a redundant heart hospital going to "reduce duplication" of heart services in this city? They are duplicating a facility that Christ Hospital is already building.

This city has always been rich in cardiac researchers. As far as cutting-edge technology, Good Samaritan Hospital has the latest in technology with the daVinci robotic system. What newer technology is Ohio Heart going to bring to the scene?

I assure you that the world will not beat a path to our door because of Ohio Heart's latest proposal.

Don Powley, Anderson Township


Parents also need to obey the rules

As I coached and watched several soccer games this weekend, it dawned on me just how bad we as parents can be for our children. It has become apparent to me that many people who have children should not be allowed to participate in their child's life in some cases.

Point? During these soccer games, I listen, as parents would criticize the officials and, yet are these not the same people who should be teaching their children to respect authority?

I listen to parents complain that the play was too rough, yet are these not the same people who take their children to professional sporting events to allow their children to watch grown men beat each other? I watched two children show up late to my game and one who did not show at all, with no call I might add, and yet I wonder if their parents have tried to teach their children responsibility.

As parents we need to listen and hear everything that we say to our children. Many times times we are busy telling them what to do, but we are not doing what we say. Think about this: The next time a referee makes a call, respect it and keep your mouth shut, because your child is listening.

Paul Jones, Green Township


TV programming: It's up to the viewers

In regards to the letter ("Why doesn't American TV clean up itself," Sept. 12), I would say to the writer that cleaning up TV is up to us. If we watch the shows with objectionable material, we are supporting that kind of programming.

Television producers will air any kind of program that people will watch in great enough numbers to satisfy the sponsors. Every season "good" TV programs are canceled because they do not have enough people watching. My advice to people who do not approve of what is shown on TV is to avoid watching those programs. . If enough of us use that approach, the programs will disappear.

Read the reviews in the Enquirer to determine if the content is what you want to watch.

Gerry Saddlemire, Symmes Township


Kentucky police have been kind to kids

I'm a parent who wants the community to know what a great police department Bellevue, Ky., has. This year it sponsored our baseball team at the Bellevue Vets.

Chief William Cole and other policemen were at every game. They took pictures and posted them on their Web site. The police department paid for their soft drinks after every game. They gave the children pep talks about good sportsmanship and working as a team.

At the end of the season, the police department gave the kids a pizza party and had each child a nice trophy with their name and team name on them. All the parents and coaches were amazed to see how much they cared about the kids and our community. We appreciate them and recognize them for their great act of kindness.

Pam Vires, Bellevue, Ky.


Jacoby should dig deeper into history

In reference to Jeff Jacoby's column in the Sept. 14 Enquirer ["The war didn't begin on 9/11"], I agreed wholeheartedly with the title but was very disappointed when he referred to the 1979 Iran Hostage Crisis as the start of the whole mess. Instead of merely going back 22 years, Jacoby should have rewound to almost a century ago.

He omitted the plotting among the European powers to carve the Ottoman Empire after the World War I. He omitted the creation of Israel without regard for the people who were already there. He omitted the forced regime change of an elected Iranian leader in 1953. This was sponsored by a superpower. He omitted the fact that the Shah of Iran was forced upon the Iranian people by the same superpower.

History should be looked at from all perspectives, not just from one angle. We should not selectively pick historical facts to solve today's problems; otherwise, we will be condemned to make the same mistakes.

Charlie Lim, Miami Township

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