Monday, September 15, 2003

Sorenstam, Euros win Solheim laugher

The Enquirer and wire reports

Annika Sorenstam led Europe to the biggest blowout ever in the competition, 17 1/2-10 1/2, in Sweden. She won her fourth match of the week, 3 and 2 over Angela Stanford.

CHAMPIONS TOUR: Larry Nelson recovered from a bee sting to shoot a 2-under-par 70 for a two-stroke victory at the Constellation Energy Classic. He finished at 9-under 207 for his first win of the year and 17th on the over-50 circuit.

LANCOME TROPHY: Retief Goosen won his first title of the year by four strokes, closing with a 1-under 70 for an 18-under 266 total.

NATIONWIDE TOUR: Chris Couch won the Oregon Classic, holing a 5-foot birdie putt on the first hole of a playoff with Jason Bohn. Brett Wetterich (Oak Hills) shot a 7-under 65 and finished tied for third. Miami grads Tee McCabe (Lakota) and Brad Adamonis tied for 48th.

PGA TOUR: J.L. Lewis and Vijay Singh held a one-stroke lead after a long day of golf didn't produce a winner at the rain-soaked John Deere Classic. The final round is scheduled to resume today.

Champions Tour


Larry Nelson, $225,00067-70-70-207
Doug Tewell, $120,00071-69-69-209
Jim Dent, $120,00073-65-71-209
Sam Torrance, $73,50074-68-68-210
Des Smyth, $73,50067-71-72-210
Jay Sigel, $73,50067-70-73-210
Dana Quigley, $40,285.7274-70-67-211
Bobby Wadkins, $40,285.7273-69-69-211
Walter Hall, $40,285.7272-70-69-211
Bobby Walzel, $40,285.7172-70-69-211
Wayne Levi, $40,285.7174-68-69-211
Isao Aoki, $40,285.7171-70-70-211
Tom Purtzer, $40,285.7170-71-70-211
Tom Jenkins, $27,75070-70-72-212
Bruce Fleisher, $27,75073-68-71-212
John Bland, $24,75071-69-73-213
Ed Fiori, $24,75069-70-74-213
Allen Doyle, $21,75074-72-68-214
Dave Barr, $21,75071-73-70-214
Bob Eastwood, $19,05076-70-69-215
Craig Stadler, $19,05076-71-68-215
David Eger, $15,42575-72-69-216
James Mason, $15,42574-72-70-216
Ted Goin, $15,42574-70-72-216
Leonard Thompson, $15,42573-70-73-216
Graham Marsh, $15,42574-68-74-216
Andy Bean, $15,42572-69-75-216
Mark Lye, $12,75072-74-71-217
John Harris, $12,75073-71-73-217
Morris Hatalsky, $11,30077-69-72-218
Jim Albus, $11,30074-74-70-218
Rex Caldwell, $11,30074-72-72-218
Joe Inman, $9,25074-72-73-219
Gary McCord, $9,25069-76-74-219
Jim Thorpe, $9,25073-72-74-219
Tom Kite, $9,25076-69-74-219
Dave Eichelberger, $9,25077-73-69-219
Pat McDonald, $9,25080-72-67-219
Eamonn Darcy, $6,90077-69-74-220
Mike Smith, $6,90070-76-74-220
Don Pooley, $6,90073-74-73-220
Terry Dill, $6,90075-73-72-220
J.C. Snead, $6,90075-73-72-220
Ben Crenshaw, $6,90076-68-76-220
Ed Dougherty, $6,90072-72-76-220
Bob Charles, $6,90074-77-69-220
Lonnie Nielsen, $5,10075-74-72-221
John Jacobs, $5,10070-75-76-221
Beau Baugh, $5,10075-75-71-221
Jay Overton, $5,10073-77-71-221
George Burns, $4,05074-72-76-222
Stewart Ginn, $4,05075-71-76-222
Mike McCullough, $4,05075-74-73-222
Lanny Wadkins, $3,22572-74-77-223
Jim Ahern, $3,22574-73-76-223
Jim Holtgrieve, $3,22570-78-75-223
Luis Carbonetti, $3,22576-73-74-223
Gibby Gilbert, $3,22578-73-72-223
Seiji Ebihara, $3,22579-72-72-223
Jim Colbert, $2,47574-73-77-224
Rik Massengale, $2,47573-73-78-224
Butch Sheehan, $2,47578-75-71-224
Danny Edwards, $2,47580-74-70-224
Hugh Baiocchi, $1,80077-71-77-225
Rocky Thompson, $1,80077-72-76-225
Jose Maria Canizares, $1,80076-74-75-225
Dick Mast, $1,80076-77-72-225
Bobby Lincoln, $1,80077-79-69-225

Nationwide Tour


Chris Couch, $81,00066-68-71-69-274
Jason Bohn, $48,60068-66-69-71-274
Brett Wetterich, $26,10069-70-72-65-276
Jimmy Walker, $26,10069-71-70-66-276
Hunter Haas, $18,00070-68-72-68-278
Ted Purdy, $15,63868-73-67-71-279
Ryuji Imada, $15,63869-69-68-73-279
Kevin Durkin, $13,05072-66-72-70-280
Jason Dufner, $13,05068-67-71-74-280
Bubba Watson, $13,05069-68-68-75-280
Boo Weekley, $9,54070-73-72-66-281
Jaxon Brigman, $9,54071-70-68-72-281
Bo Van Pelt, $9,54066-72-71-72-281
Andrew McLardy, $9,54069-73-67-72-281
Mark Wurtz, $9,54068-66-72-75-281
Mark Hensby, $6,10970-74-72-66-282
Mark Walker, $6,10970-71-73-68-282
Roger Tambellini, $6,10967-75-71-69-282
Andre Stolz, $6,10967-73-72-70-282
Scott Petersen, $6,10970-72-70-70-282
Craig Bowden, $6,10967-72-71-72-282
Barry Cheesman, $6,10968-74-68-72-282
Emlyn Aubrey, $6,10971-71-66-74-282
Michael Allen, $4,02070-71-71-71-283
Steve Gangluff, $4,02073-71-68-71-283
Scott Gump, $4,02068-73-69-73-283
Russ Cochran, $2,92971-73-73-67-284
Scott Piercy, $2,92970-71-74-69-284
Michael Long, $2,92972-72-71-69-284
Tommy Tolles, $2,92972-70-72-70-284
Tag Ridings, $2,92970-73-71-70-284
Tommy Biershenk, $2,92973-71-70-70-284
Jeff Freeman, $2,92968-70-74-72-284
Steve Ford, $2,92972-70-70-72-284
Shane Bertsch, $2,92971-70-71-72-284
Nick Cassini, $2,92970-74-67-73-284
Ryan Howison, $2,92972-69-68-75-284
Fran Quinn, $2,11567-70-78-70-285
Troy Matteson, $2,11572-70-73-70-285
Chris Downes, $2,11570-71-73-71-285
Justin Bolli, $2,11573-71-69-72-285
Roland Thatcher, $2,11571-72-69-73-285
Sung Man Lee, $2,11570-69-72-74-285
Jim McGovern, $1,73368-76-71-71-286
Doug LaBelle II, $1,73370-72-72-72-286
Chris Tidland, $1,73367-74-70-75-286
Terry Hatch, $1,73367-68-74-77-286
Kyle Thompson, $1,53070-74-74-69-287
Brad Fabel, $1,53072-72-73-70-287
Tee McCabe, $1,53066-73-77-71-287
Jess Daley, $1,53070-73-73-71-287
Robin Freeman, $1,53066-74-75-72-287
George McNeill, $1,53075-68-72-72-287
David Branshaw, $1,53073-70-72-72-287
Brad Adamonis, $1,53070-72-71-74-287
Charles Raulerson, $1,53072-71-70-74-287
Craig Kanada, $1,33970-72-76-70-288
David Ogrin, $1,33972-72-73-71-288
Omar Uresti, $1,33970-74-72-72-288
Ron Ewing, $1,15971-73-75-71-290

Solheim Cup



Europe 8, United States 4

Janice Moodie, Europe, def. Kelli Kuehne, United States, 3 and 2.

Juli Inkster, United States, def. Carin Koch, Europe, 5 and 4.

Sophie Gustafson, Europe, def. Heather Bowie, United States, 5 and 4.

Iben Tinning, Europe, def. Wendy Ward, United States, 2 and 1.

Michele Redman, United States, def. Ana Belen-Sanchez, Europe, 3 and 1.

Catriona Matthew, Europe, def. Rosie Jones, United States, 3 and 1.

Annika Sorenstam, Europe, def. Angela Stanford, United States, 3 and 2.

Cristie Kerr, United States, def. Suzann Pettersen, Europe, match conceded.

Laura Davies, Europe, def., Meg Mallon, United States, match conceded.

Laura Diaz, United States, def. Elisabeth Esterl, Europe, 5 and 4.

Mhairi McKay, Europe, def. Beth Daniel, United States, match conceded.

Patricia Meunier-LeBouc, def., Kelly Robbins, United States, match conceded.

PGA Tour


Chris Riley66-69-66-201
J.L. Lewis65-65-71-201
Notah Begay III67-71-65-203
Paul Stankowski70-65-68-203
Vijay Singh66-68-69-203
Hidemichi Tanaka70-67-67-204
Jonathan Byrd65-67-72-204
Joe Durant70-68-68-206
Bernhard Langer71-65-70-206
Scott McCarron70-68-69-207
Billy Mayfair67-71-69-207
Glen Day72-65-70-207
Kevin Sutherland69-67-71-207
Tom Gillis75-65-68-208
Aaron Barber68-70-70-208
Pat Perez69-68-71-208
Mathias Gronberg71-69-69-209
Garrett Willis67-73-69-209
Bob Burns67-73-69-209
Craig Barlow69-70-70-209
Kenichi Kuboya69-70-70-209
Jerry Kelly71-70-68-209
Niclas Fasth73-68-68-209
Chris Anderson69-69-71-209
Steven Alker69-73-67-209
Davis Love III70-70-70-210
Brian Gay72-68-70-210
Brent Schwarzrock73-67-70-210
Dennis Paulson67-72-71-210
Harrison Frazar69-69-72-210
John Riegger73-69-68-210
Jeff Brehaut70-72-68-210
Jeff Maggert68-72-71-211
Chris Smith67-72-72-211
Paul Azinger69-72-70-211
Tom Byrum70-69-72-211
Joey Sindelar68-73-70-211
D.A. Weibring69-69-73-211
Stan Utley73-66-73-212
Shaun Micheel73-66-73-212
Mark Brooks71-70-71-212
Jim Carter72-69-71-212
Akio Sadakata70-68-74-212
Tom Scherrer67-74-71-212
Luke Donald70-72-70-212
Loren Roberts70-70-73-213
Stephen Ames72-69-72-213
Andy Miller69-72-72-213
Skip Kendall67-74-72-213
Brenden Pappas69-73-71-213
Paul Goydos71-71-71-213
Robert Gamez69-73-71-213
Kirk Triplett72-69-73-214
Carl Pettersson71-70-73-214
Peter Jacobsen72-69-73-214
Steve Lowery72-68-75-215
Greg Chalmers71-70-74-215
Tommy Armour III68-74-73-215
Esteban Toledo68-72-76-216
Steve Allan72-70-74-216
Deane Pappas72-70-74-216
Tom Lehman72-69-76-217
Mike Grob72-69-76-217

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