Saturday, September 13, 2003

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Factory sale: Look for furniture bargains as Batesville furniture maker Romweber continues its annual factory sale 10 a.m.-6 p.m. (Ohio time) today and 1-4 p.m. Sunday. Deep discounts of 50-70 percent are offered on entertainment units and armoires, wall systems and bookcases, occasional, dining room, home office furniture, upholstery and lamps. Take I-74 west to Batesville, exit 149, and follow the factory signs to 4 S. Park Ave.

Local estate treasures: A Tiffany floor lamp; 18th-, 19th- and 20th- century furniture; a watercolor by E. Potthast II; Rookwood pieces; jewelry and Oriental rugs will be part of the cache going on the block at Main Auction Galleries Monday and Tuesday. Items can be previewed 9 a.m.-5 p.m. Sunday. Monday's session begins at 6:18 p.m. and includes art, silver, jewelry, glassware, the Tiffany lamp and rugs. Tuesday's 10:30 a.m. session includes furniture, glass, Hummels, mirrors and pianos. 137 W. Fourth St., downtown. Information: 621-1280.

On the web Neat freaks and slobs alike will like this site dedicated to keeping life clean. We took a shine to the PIG - Partners In Grime - Sticky Steps Tablet designed to keep floors clean for more than 60 seconds following a mopping without locking out the dog and kids. The tablet of doormats has 30 24-by-30-inch sticky sheets that remove dirt from shoes and paws, keeping grime outside. As the top sheet traps dirt, just rip it off to expose another non-trip adhesive mat. $24.95. At

Wise buys

Stainless kitchen tools: With stainless steel at the top of the finish list for kitchen appliances, accessories can't be far behind. Williams-Sonoma is at the head of the line with a trio of stainless steel-handled brushes. The nylon-bristled brushes, gentle enough for non-stick pots and pans, include a dish brush, round pot brush and palm brush. v$6.99-$10 at stores or

Transparent duct tape: Face it. Duct tape is handy for repairs. But it's ugly. And even in its recent brightly colored incarnations it screams "temporary fix." 3M brought out transparent tape earlier this summer, but invisibility isn't its only advantage. It's six times stronger than the silver stuff and comes off the roll a bit more easily, with a low adhesive transfer so it can be easily separated when the tape gets stuck to itself. $1.89 at Ace, True Value and Do-It-Best hardware stores.

Earth smart

Lawn repair time: Fall tips from Lawn-Boy include:

• Fertilize, using a slow-release nitrogen product that will help your grass grow more consistently.

• Keep watering, at least 1 inch per week because even dormant turf loses water. Best time is early in the day.

• Seeding is most effective now to increase thickness and improve color. Apply herbicides when its above 50 degrees only in areas where there are weeds.

• Remove leaves within two weeks of when they fall to prevent lawn stress.

• Aerate (punch holes in the turf) and remove soil cores loosening things up and improving water and air movement.

More tips at

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