Tuesday, September 9, 2003

Page turners: What you are reading

By M. L. Bronson-Fuqua
The Cincinnati Enquirer

Dr. Catherine Roma

Director of MUSE Cincinnati Women's Choir

Sing, Whisper, Shout Pray! A Feminist Vision for a Just World, M. Jacqui Alexander, Lisa Albrecht, Sharon Day, Mab Sechrest editors (Edgework Books; $30.95)

"I was looking for voices of women to help me deal with the world post-2001. This group of women, an African-American, Jewish, Native American and lesbian, came together in 1987 to talk about how to address issues that they felt were important to women globally. In an introduction that mentions several places where peace and justice are not functioning globally, the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, war in Iraq, even a whole region (the South), Cincinnati is the only U.S. city named."

Alicia Reese

Vice Mayor of Cincinnati

The Pact, Sampson Davis, George Jenkins, Lisa Frazier Page (Riverhead Books; $14)

Three young men from Newark, N.J., and their struggles to keep a pact to graduate from college and pursue professional careers in spite of their depressed origins.

"I use it for inspiration for not only myself but for the kids I speak to, especially African American males, about how to dream beyond their circumstances. It has given me a renewed sense of inspiration."

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Page turners: What you are reading
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