Tuesday, September 9, 2003

Target lines seek versatility

The Associated Press

Isaac Mizrahi's new collection for Target features very au courant modish styles, including colorblock sweaters in orange, red, pink and yellow that match his new, very geometric label; driving gloves with bows complemented by driving moccasin shoes; and full skirts with slim waists.

"This is not as much 'fashion' as it 'solutions,' " says Mizrahi, who describes his collaboration with the retailer as his chance "to dress America."

"This is about sophistication meets a state fair. ... They are clothes you wear wherever you want."

Mizrahi says he envisions the same black suit as appropriate attire for a mother to wear to church, an open house at a child's school or dinner out.

The New York-based designer believes his look will resonate with the rest of the country because it's not as intimidating as the runway styles women see in magazines. "I've always been more influenced by architecture and furniture designers than fashion designers," he says.

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