Tuesday, September 9, 2003

Morning memo

Today's number: 922,677

Production of cars, trucks and buses in Japan in July, down 0.7 percent from a year earlier as carmakers were hit by weak domestic sales and flagging exports, industry data said.

-The Associated Press

Today's mover

Matt Fischer has joined WonderGroup, a full-service youth marketing agency as chief creative officer. Fischer is responsible for leading all efforts of WonderGroup's creative division. He was group creative director, executive vice president for Foote, Cone & Belding in New York. He has also worked for powerhouse agencies such as BBDO/New York, Hill Holiday and Young & Rubicam.

-Shirley Dees

Today's career talk

After facing decades of American racism while traveling as a musician, Quincy Jones says in The Right Words at the Right Time by Marlo Thomas that he had to develop a thick skin and a strategy for dealing with racism. "It's a terrible feeling for the person being looked down on, knowing that somebody seeing you from two blocks away already has a blanket indictment of you as a human being," Jones says. "It's essential that you don't let anybody define who you are. You have to define yourself."

-John Eckberg


KEEPING THE EDGE: Mary Willenborg founded this company in 1996 to help service companies identify the entrepreneurial components within their business and enable employees to do their jobs in an entrepreneurial manner. Willenborg's own experience includes five years as the Cincinnati/Dayton district manager for fundraising cooperative Market Day.

BRINGING OUT THE BEST: To unlock the entrepreneurial spirit in existing companies, Entrepreneurial Solutions helps clients identify process problems, improve communications, measure outcomes, learn best practices, create action plans and identify goals. For company sales personnel who work from their homes, the consultant provides strategies for organizing their time and workspace.

ENTREPRENEURS FAR AND NEAR: Based in Covington, Entrepreneurial Solutions works with clients in the Tristate as well as in Columbus, Chicago and on the East Coast.

-Jenny Callison

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