Sunday, September 7, 2003

Kroger scores, matchups


First Tee

9:20 am: Ray Floyd, Wayne Levi, James Mason

9:29 am: Allen Doyle, Steven Veriato, Jim Ahern

9:38 am: Leonard Thompson, Gary Koch, Dana Quigley

9:47 am: Danny Edwards, Chi Chi Rodriguez, John Schroeder

9:56 am: Seiji Ebihara, Terry Mauney, Pat McDonald

10:05 am: Mike Hill, John Harris, Tom Wargo

10:14 am: Joe Inman, Ed Fiori, Bobby Walzel

10:23 am: Walter Hall, Des Smyth, Ed Dougherty

10:32 am: Don Pooley, Rocky Thompson, Jim Thorpe

10:41 am: J.C. Snead, Ted Goin, D.A. Weibring

10:50 am: Bruce Fleisher, Hugh Baiocchi, Bob Gilder

10:59 am: Tom Jenkins, Bruce Summerhays, Jerry McGee

11:08 am: Larry Nelson, Rex Caldwell, Isao Aoki

11:17 am: Gil Morgan, Doug Tewell, Graham Marsh

10th Tee

9:20 am: Jim Colbert, Jay Overton, Dave Eichelberger

9:29 am: Jose Maria Canizares, Kermit Zarley, Larry Ziegler

9:38 am: Jay Sigel, Mark Pfeil, Andy Bean

9:47 am: Hale Irwin, Rick Rhoden, Mike Smith

9:56 am: Gibby Gilbert, Scott Masingill, Charles Coody

10:05 am: Bobby Wadkins, Tom Shaw, Gary McCord

10:14 am: Vicente Fernandez, George Burns, Jim Holtgrieve

10:23 am: Lee Trevino, Howard Twitty, Walter Morgan

10:32 am: Jim Dent, David Grah am: Bob Murphy

10:41 am: Mike San Filippo, Luis Carbonetti, Butch Sheehan

10:50 am: Terry Dill, Bob Charles, R.W. Eaks

10:59 am: Dale Douglass, Orville Moody, Doug Johnson

11:08 am: Jim Albus, Miller Barber.

Second Round

Gil Morgan65-67-132
Doug Tewell68-66-134
Graham Marsh68-67-135
Larry Nelson66-70-136
Rex Caldwell69-68-137
Isao Aoki69-68-137
Tom Jenkins68-69-137
Bruce Summerhays66-71-137
Jerry McGee66-71-137
Bruce Fleisher70-68-138
Hugh Baiocchi69-69-138
Bob Gilder69-69-138
J.C. Snead68-70-138
Ted Goin69-70-139
D.A. Weibring69-70-139
Don Pooley69-70-139
Rocky Thompson69-70-139
Jim Thorpe67-72-139
Walter Hall71-69-140
Des Smyth70-70-140
Ed Dougherty71-69-140
Joe Inman72-68-140
Ed Fiori72-68-140
Bobby Walzel70-70-140
Mike Hill69-71-140
John Harris69-71-140
Tom Wargo68-72-140
Seiji Ebihara68-72-140
Terry Mauney71-70-141
Pat McDonald71-70-141
Danny Edwards71-70-141
Chi Chi Rodriguez70-71-141
John Schroeder73-68-141
Leonard Thompson69-72-141
Gary Koch68-73-141
Dana Quigley71-71-142
Allen Doyle70-72-142
Steven Veriato70-72-142
Jim Ahern72-70-142
Ray Floyd72-70-142
Wayne Levi69-73-142
James Mason69-73-142
Jim Colbert69-73-142
Jay Overton74-68-142
Dave Eichelberger70-73-143
Jose Maria Canizares70-73-143
Kermit Zarley70-73-143
Larry Ziegler73-70-143
Jay Sigel69-74-143
Mark Pfeil75-68-143
Andy Bean72-72-144
Hale Irwin75-69-144
Rick Rhoden70-75-145
Mike Smith71-74-145
Gibby Gilbert70-75-145
Scott Masingill73-72-145
Charles Coody73-72-145
Bobby Wadkins74-71-145
Tom Shaw71-75-146
Gary McCord71-75-146
Vicente Fernandez74-72-146
George Burns74-72-146
Jim Holtgrieve69-77-146
Lee Trevino72-75-147
Howard Twitty74-73-147
Walter Morgan75-72-147
Jim Dent72-76-148
David Graham74-74-148
Bob Murphy72-77-149
Mike San Filippo73-76-149
Luis Carbonetti74-75-149
Butch Sheehan75-74-149
Terry Dill76-73-149
Bob Charles74-76-150
R.W. Eaks79-71-150
Dale Douglass75-76-151
Dick Mast76-75-151

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