Wednesday, September 3, 2003

New Kings Island park 500,000 gallons short

By Erica Solvig
The Cincinnati Enquirer

MASON - Paramount's Kings Island has big plans for a water park resort to replace WaterWorks, but it still hasn't worked out where the water would come from.

Warren County officials say the theme park has asked for an extra 500,0000 gallons of water a day and an extra 500,000 gallons of sewer capacity a day for the expansion and future park use.

While commissioners have not ruled out granting the park's request, they agreed Tuesday that the park should ask the city of Mason, because county systems are nearing maximum capacity as residential and business growth continues to boom.

"These increases would pretty much eat up all of our capacities in the area," County Commissioner Mike Kilburn said. "We would go from having a nice reserve to a situation where we're out of capacity."

Mason is more than doubling its own wastewater-treatment plant to keep up with residential growth.

And Greater Cincinnati Water Works is increasing its capacity to keep up with the city's demand.

"Regardless of the hows and wheres and whys, we will have a water park," park spokesman Jeffrey Siebert said.

He noted that the park is considering options inside and outside the property.

"The optimum situation is that we continue working with our friends at Warren County," he said.

He added that the park did not give the county final numbers. He didn't have figures available on recent water use.

Because pool depths are not final, it's not exact how many gallons would be needed for the new water park, which would replace the 15-acre WaterWorks next season.

Few details have been released, but the park has said the resort will include chairside waiter service, waterfalls and cabanas.

Mason City Manager Scot Lahrmer said that if the county is unable to provide the services, the city will discuss whether it could accommodate the park.


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