Monday, September 1, 2003

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Let's put monuments in our front yards

In reference to the brouhaha over monuments on government property, everyone should step back and take a deep breath. The federal government is not the bully in this case. The federal government has never really said much of anything on the subject. The bully pushing this issue is the ACLU.

The federal government didn't have a problem with it. But our modern lawsuit-crazy society is the perfect vehicle the ACLU needed.

Where it will end? Who knows. Probably not until they eliminate the word "God" from our money, from every courthouse in the country, and from every school in the country. I wonder if they will forbid the Congress from having a chaplain, or opening congressional sessions with prayer. In the eyes of the ACLU, God doesn't have a prayer.

Maybe as citizens, we should start putting monuments like that in our front yards. For every one they take down, we could put up a hundred more.

Claude Cornell, Monroe Township


Teach young people to manage money

In response to your query about what I would change about high school: I would have each student take a class that would teach them how to:

•Make a budget - finances

•Write a check and balance a checkbook

•Open a savings account

So many young adults don't have any money, because they don't know how to manage money, make a budget or keep a checking account going.

Each young adult needs these skills to be able to survive in the real world.

Tammy Winn, Williamsburg

Celebrating workers
Labor Day: Historic proclamations
On Labor Day it is time to celebrate the American worker
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