Sunday, August 31, 2003

Darcie Roberts

Darcie Roberts takes the title role in the national tour of Thoroughly Modern Millie, the movie-to-musical hit that follows the romantic adventures of a flapper and her dizzy friends. (Fifth Third Bank Broadway in Cincinnati, Aronoff Center, Nov. 18-30)

What's Millie's girl power? It's her determination. She faces a lot of obstacles in the span of a week: finding a place to live, a job, seducing her boss, paying off debts, getting new clothes and a complete makeover and making new friends. But Millie takes each challenge head on.

Is there a happily ever after? With a girl this determined, how couldn't there be?

Your five-year plan: I've learned to not really have a plan. Goals are more my style because things can change so quickly.

In my mind, my goals are to start a family while continuing the advancement of my career. That's going to be an interesting and curious journey, but I know it will make me a stronger woman and better actress. I would love, love, love to do a movie musical.

Favorite place to hear live music: I've been told The Blue Wisp is a good place. My dresser is from Cincinnati, so we'll have to hit the town.

Favorite Graeter's flavor: I still have to sample. Any flavor with chocolate will suffice.

How high are your heels? They vary from 1 to 3 inches. I prefer the 3-inch because it makes your leg look better - my skirts are above the knee.

Why is she the one? Dick Scanlan, a Tony Award nominee for the book and lyrics to Millie, observes, "A great leading lady must be two things at once - utterly fearless and completely vulnerable. It's difficult to find that combination, but when Darcie walked in the room we knew we'd struck gold."

What's next? I'll be doing Millie for the next year and then who knows. If I'm blessed, I'll be starting that family, buying a house in Hollywood and starring in a movie musical.

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