Sunday, August 31, 2003

Elizabeth Harris

Elizabeth Harris, one of the bright lights of the emerging theater scene, will play warrior Gimli for the third time in The Return of the King, the final episode of The Lord of the Rings trilogy (Oct. 17-24). This episode will be produced by the new Clear Stage at the Aronoff's Jarson-Kaplan Theater.

Gimli is a male warrior. Does he have girl power? Gimli is this tough little dwarf who kicks lots of Orc butt. He's also a male, so I wouldn't say Gimli really has 'girl power,' but he has true staying power.

Gimli has strength, integrity and a heart of gold. He's rough and surly but honest, generous and kind. That's what's so wonderful about being a chick and playing a guy.

Does Gimli have a happily ever after? Gimli does have a happy Middle Earth ending. I won't reveal it so it can remain a surprise to newcomers to Tolkien. I think audiences will be pleased.

Your five-year plan: Keep developing my skills as a theater professional. This includes acting, directing and writing. Within five years, I also hope to be developing my own theater company. This has been a longtime goal of mine, and I hope to see it realized.

Favorite place for live music: My living room. There is a very special person in my life who quite often plays guitar in my living room.

Favorite Graeter's flavor: I'm a good, old-fashioned chocolate girl.

How high are your heels? "When I feel adventurous - 2 inches."

Why is she the one? "She's petite but powerful, feisty as hell, willing to work as hard - or harder - than those mountain-dwelling dwarfs and has some of the best comedy timing I've seen in Cincinnati," says director Gina Cerimele-Mechley.

What's next? I'm teaching theater at Northern Kentucky University and working with Clear Stage on "Books in Action," which is designed for preschool and kindergarten aged children and incorporates theater and reading. It is one of the most rewarding experiences of my short life.

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