Novice cooks learn basics

Rob and Sarah
A few months ago, we came up with an idea for a long-term project: Find a young newlywed couple and teach them to cook. With our help, their goal would be to host their first dinner party by November.

Here's the story of our selected couple, Sarah and Rob Schroeder, some of it in their own words.

Dinner party diary
Sept. 17, 2003
"Over Labor Day weekend we had friends in from Indianapolis. We decided to make dinner and show off our newly acquired cooking skills..." Read more

Aug. 20, 2003
"Since our lesson we have been using our chef's knife like crazy. Rob thinks we need another one..." Read more

Lesson one: Wielding the blade
July 30, 2003
Chef Meg Galvin shows Rob and Sarah how to use knives properly and helps them create Pasta with Medley of Summer Vegetables. Read more & get the recipe