Tuesday, August 19, 2003

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Next black-out could be disastrous


In the '80s and early '90s the National Electric Reliability Council generated wonderfully informative and scary reports on American generating and consumption.

Electrical-generating capacity was not being added at anything approaching the increasing consumption rates.

The national generating capacity and consumption trends projected out to serious shortages by the end of the '90s.

The Public Utilities Commission of Ohio's response said I should not be concerned because the excess of demand over supply was going to be resolved by a recession in the late '90s. It is disappointing to see that what was probably a minor initial malfunction could drag 25 percent of the United States into blackout. You would think it could be better compartmentalized, if only to minimize the effects of terrorists. Concerned Americans should proceed on the assumption that this was a wake-up call whose next episode could be really disastrous.

Sterling Uhler, Fairfield


Anderson should abandon 'Redskin'

I read with great sadness recent reports about the Anderson High School student wanting to portray the "Redskin" mascot.

The real issue here is not whether the student can rescue the tarnished image of the school's mascot, but that the image is so damnable that it can never be saved. Anderson High School should wake up, join the 20th century and give up the insulting, embarrassing symbol.

Bruce Stambaugh, Anderson Township


Fox News is fair, balanced

In response to Jay Bookman's biased piece on the Fox lawsuit against Al Franken ("It is fair to say Fox's lawsuit lacks balance," Aug. 17) let me offer these thoughts. For many years, we average Americans had no choice but to get our news from the likes of Tom Brokaw, Dan Rather, and Peter Jennings. It is a well-documented fact that liberals dominate the profession of journalism, especially TV journalism. Their bias has been clear and consistent.

Unlike the big three, Fox lets both sides have their say. One thing really bothered me, though. Bookman implied that Fox favorite, Ann Coulter, was "shrill and unstable." That woman is cool, calm, collected, articulate, brilliant, and unafraid of the leftist demagogues she faces; I think Bookman would be afraid to face off with her. It's easier just to call her names.

Bill Banchy, Anderson Township


'Infuriated' by Holocaust story

The story by Tony Czuczka ("Holocaust memorial taking shape," Aug. 17) about the building of a memorial to the Holocaust victims in Germany is infuriating. Whether a country is labeled "perpetrator" or "bystander," to me they are both categories of complicity in the murder of 6 million plus people, predominantly Jews.

When you watch the slaughter during the Holocaust and don't lift an arm to help, is the same as doing the deed. I witnessed the treatment of the European Jews at the hands of Germany, while the world watched. These memorials would not have had to be built if the countries in this world would have cried, "No, we wouldn't let you do this!" But, since it was allowed, these countries must live with their guilt rather than expiate it by building monuments and museums. What a hoax!

Henry Blumenstein, Hyde Park

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