Tuesday, August 19, 2003 -- Volume 7, No. 231
Ohio report cards more complex
Think you understood why your Ohio school district rated "effective" last year or was labeled in "academic emergency"?
Tuition 'sticker shock' tackled

Nick & Jess show
If you're wondering what a reality TV show starring teen-pop-stars-in-transition Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey will be like, you're not alone. So are Jessica and Nick.
'N&J' debut airs dirty laundry
nick and jess

Newport traffic clogs bridge
The number of accidents in the southbound lanes of the Daniel Carter Beard Bridge has tripled since the Newport on the Levee entertainment complex opened two years ago - and officials say relief is more than a decade away.
Locals vie for parking

No-mascot decision stands
Stacey Stahl pledged to continue fighting to revive Anderson High School's costumed Redskins mascot Monday after the Forest Hills School Board voted not to reinstate it.

Oakley still hoops hot spot
Pickup basketball is becoming something of a lost art in many communities in Greater Cincinnati and across the nation, but you can usually find a game at Oakley Playground.
Van Exel traded to Warriors by Mavs

coaches Ties that bind
Florence Joy Hayes is happy. For the first time, two of Florence Joy's sons, Jay and Jonathan Hayes, are on the same team as Bengals assistant coaches.
Bengals notebook

Great neighborhoods: Loveland
Loveland and neighboring Symmes Township are combining their rural past and suburban present to create one of Greater Cincinnati's Great Neighborhoods. (And don't forget about the alien frogs or UFO's!)

Cincinnati NAACP telling mayor to settle boycott
After nearly two years of straddling the fence, the Cincinnati chapter of the NAACP will demand today that Mayor Charlie Luken settle the two-year-old boycott of downtown.

Sullivan is last reliever standing
Recently, Scott Sullivan, 32, was standing with his fellow relievers in the Reds' bullpen for the national anthem, when he looked around and realized he was the club's graybeard.
Williamson deal done; Larson to DL
Reds vs. Diamondbacks series preview

Complete local news report

Scouts thanked for gift to troops
Sewer project puts end to privies
$21M goes to dampen smoking
Women ride for a cause
Butler levy on ballot for child services

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Complete sports report

Tennis tourneys pose planning challenges
Bucks' Krenzel avoids close call
McNicholas blanks Mariemont
Pandas rout Conner 5-1 in opener
Tuesday sports on TV, radio

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Complete editorials report

Fix what failed
Honor, not ridicule
Getting together as family
Readers' Views
Sunday's Forum

    • More editorials...

Complete business report

Provision of power evolving
Automakers restart after blackout
Experts split on effect of worm
Morning memo
Tristate summary

    • More business news...

Complete tempo report

Dad's girl nabs spot on soap opera
Think exotic for lasting impression
'Swords' forged by real-life drama
'Sharp Focus' all talk, no action
Get to it!

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Howard: Some good news
Korte: Inside City Hall
Kraft: Style extra

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AP: Startling Findings in Tillman Probe

Deadly Storm Wipes Out Road at Mt. Hood

1 Dead in Calif. Train Derailment

Houston Landscaper Accused of Bigotry

Army Officer to Be Court-Martialed

Four Plead Guilty in Ore. Ecoterror Case

Army Charges Ex-Sergeant in 3 Killings

Ex-Black Panther's Conviction Questioned

El Nino Expected to Continue Into 2007

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