Tuesday, August 12, 2003

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'Faithful' group is misguided


I must take issue with Dr. Jim Muller and the editorial singing the praises of his dissenting organization ("Voice for change," Aug. 10), the so-called "Voice of the Faithful."

Its mandate for changing the structure of the Catholic Church is a fine example of someone kicking against the goad. There's a word that describes such efforts: "Protestantism."

The structure that the VOTF seeks to change was established by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and his 12 apostles. It consists of a king, Jesus Himself, a queen, the blessed Virgin Mary, a steward over the whole household of God, which is the Pope, and his court officials, which are the bishops, not to mention priests, pastors, evangelists, etc.

It sounds more like a kingdom than the democracy that Dr. Muller envisions. There is no power on the face of this Earth that can change this structure. If you don't believe me, ask Hitler or Stalin or Napoleon or Martin Luther or Muhammad, or Emperor Nero or even us stiff-necked, double-minded, rebelliously sinful Catholics.

I'm sure Dr. Muller is well-intentioned, but we already have a Savior and it's not him. I think he and Voice of the Faithful could better serve the church by exhorting all Catholics to be just that, "faithful," because the church of Christ is one body and we all have a share of the blame for this insidious scandal.

Mark S. Yaegel, Florence, Ky.


Tagging is ruining property values

Wasn't there, or isn't there, some kind of local advertising campaign with the slogan "Don't Trash The Nati?" Well with the amount of unchecked and seemingly disregarded vandalism that occurs on a nightly basis in this city in the form of "tagging," they should change that slogan to "Let's Trash the Nati." Because that is exactly what has been happening and local police don't seem to care less about the problem or catching those responsible for it.

Tagging can ruin the property values of a neighborhood when done with the frequency and abandon that it is being done with in Clifton.

By definition under Ohio Law knowingly causing serious physical harm to an occupied structure is vandalism. Vandalism is a felony, yet those caught are charged with misdemeanor offenses.

There was absolutely no beefed-up police patrol in the early morning hours of Friday and Saturday (Aug. 8 and 9) in Clifton where tagging is most prevalent. How do I know that? Because I was out doing my own amateur patrol at 4 a.m. Saturday and did not see one police car during the hour I spent driving around Clifton. No police presence after we knew this Scribble Jam was taking place.

Until we get police help with this problem, until people like Nick Accurso (Scribble Jam Organizer) stop commenting that it's more important to fill up local hotel rooms for a weekend than it is to have thousands of dollars worth of property damage caused by those inhabiting the hotel rooms, and until we start prosecuting those caught for tagging under the felony vandalism statute and sending them to prison, then we may as well have the bus stop advertisements that we see so often read "Let's Trash the Nati."

Jeff Adams, Clifton Heights

---Council right to listen to citizens

Critics of those opposed to the expansion of Lunken Airport never mention the multiple waivers granted each month to allow landings that exceed the current weight standards. The operators of these large aircraft know Lunken's runways cannot accommodate the weight of their equipment on a regular basis, yet they persist in seeking the waivers. Their aim is apparently to force spending on runway upgrades while increasing federal jurisdiction over the airport.

These same critics object that "The airport was there before you arrived," implying that Eastside residents should have no voice in the future of this facility. I chose to purchase a home near an airport serving general aviation and small corporate jets, but I did not elect to live next to a field serving passenger airlines or other large commercial aircraft. The operators demanding waivers are well aware of the limitations of the airport. Why then are homeowners criticized for "knowing in advance" about the airport, but not the operators?

City Council members were correct to recognize Eastside residents as important participants in the public discussion about how Lunken field best fits into the city's commercial and residential mix.

Phillip Obermiller, Mount Washington


Professional pols taint election process

It's interesting to see the professional politicians coming out espousing how someone who has no experience cannot cure the ails of a state - in this case, California. Before there were professional politicians I believe there were ordinary citizens who felt they had a better idea and got themselves elected, and most times made situations better. Perhaps if there were fewer professional types in politics, whose only interest is the power of office, we just might be better off.

David Wahler, Williamstown, Ky.

---Stop tarnishing American heroes

My blood has been boiling ever since I read about Pvt. Jessica Lynch's capture, incarceration and rescue not being exactly as it was reported.

When our men and women put on the uniform that represents the United States, they are heroes. Last week was the straw that broke the camel's back: The passengers of Flight 93 might not have made it into the cockpit and therefore did not actually bring down the plane but (saving grace) might have contributed to the crash.

I have been to the field where Flight 93 crashed - a huge area with a lone American flag sits where the plane went down. There are memorials everywhere.

So don't tell me that what an investigation says happened.

A 19-year-old placed herself in harm's way and is lucky enough to be rescued. Ordinary people on a speeding airplane under control of terrorists rushed to their deaths to save others.

Next thing there will be an investigation into George Washington with his men at Valley Forge saying he was actually warming his tootsies by a fire in Mount Vernon and not freezing them off with his men. Quit tarnishing our heroes.

Linda Bingham, Springdale


Bronson's wrong about Springer race

It is funny how ideologically blind columnist Peter Bronson is. He makes the claim in his column ("Bogus campaign was Springer-loaded trap," Aug. 8) that "journalists are too easily seduced by the trashy goddess 'Celebrity.'" He then tells us that if a Republican "celebrity" were to run for political office, he or she would be burned at the stake by the press. Yet in California, the press has seemingly anointed Arnold Schwarzenegger as the man to beat. A man with no experience in public office, yet one with a big-screen resume as trashy as that of Springer. If you don't believe me, try sitting through Pumping Iron sometime.

Christopher Kelley, West Chester


Former Catholic still seeks apology

I read with amazement the letter ("Cartoon is part of media distortion," Aug. 9) in which the writer actually tried to justify the abuse of children by Catholic priests with statistics. All along I was taught that priests were men of God, apostles of Christ and protectors of our children. In my humble opinion, one case of abuse is far to many, not to mention 1,000 in Boston alone. I guess if we try hard enough we can justify anything.

I was raised a Catholic and practiced for 46 years, but quit the religion because to this date I still have not heard one apology from the church for this foul and evil deed done by some of its priests.

Shame on them!

Steve McAdams, Union Township

---Catholic Church must embrace healing

As a Roman Catholic priest who resigned from the clergy 30 years ago when the "scandal" first raised its ugly head, I have only grown more deeply saddened by the revelations of deviant behavior of Roman Catholic bishops and priests. The lying and covering up by the bishops, and the past and present acts of priestly "'hanky-panky" reveal a deep and deadly sickness of epidemic proportions.

A significant part and symptom of the disease is the denial and/or the cover-up of homosexuality among the Roman Catholic clergy. The recent actions of the Anglican Church should be a wake-up call to the Roman Catholic community. The media coverage of the Roman Catholic scandal revealed the results of comprehensive surveys by independent experts which showed that 20 to 30 percent of the bishops, and 40 to 50 percent of the priests, are in fact homosexually oriented.

The only possible solution to this mixed up and messy predicament is the light of truth, not to condemn one or another of our brothers in Christ Jesus, but the healing embrace of the other, seeing the image of God and his Christ in each every member of the living body of Christ, who said, "I am the way, truth and life."

William F. McMahon, Sharonville

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