Sunday, August 3, 2003

Reds' front office is either incompetent or it is lying

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Either the people in the Reds' front office are really ignorant or they think we are. They say they are not dumping salary, but they are dumping salary. They say they want to develop their own talent, but they traded two players they successfully developed.

We were told when they moved into a new stadium they would have more money to spend on the team, but four months into their new residency, they appear to have a cash flow problem. Either they have no idea what they are doing, or they think they can just tell the fans anything and we'll believe it. Honestly, I'm not sure which scenario is accurate.

Rob Lewis, Price Hill

Reds games, win or lose, still worth it

Coming from a small town two hours north of Cincinnati, the big city is new to me. I always read about the riots and shootings while at college, knowing this is where I was moving. A big reason to move here was that I'm a Bengals fan as well as a Reds fan. I went to the game Wednesday night. I sat with an elderly couple from White Oak for about three innings. They were very friendly people, and then I headed back to my seat with my roommate. The excitement is there all game long, and afterward, the drummer boys draw a good size crowd. People whine and moan about the new stadium, but until you get down there and see what it's all about, well, keep whining, you don't know what you're missing. If one thing will keep Cincinnati together, it's the Reds. I'm glad I moved to Cincinnati.

Theodore Rengers, Clifton

Jack McKeon must look good now

I am not one of the Reds' fans who might hold Bob Boone responsible for the standing of the club. There certainly has to be a lot of reasons for their plight.

The Enquirer mentioned the success that Jack McKeon enjoyed as the manager of the Reds and is now enjoying as manager of the Florida Marlins. I had an occasion to talk with Jack the morning his picture was brandished across the Enquirer pages telling us he had been fired. We were at the airport catching our respective flights. Jack's flight was back to his home in the Carolinas.

He showed real class - no sarcasm or hatred. I told him I was sorry to see him go. He thanked me. I thought at that moment we had probably not seen the last of Cap'n Jack. He must look pretty good now to many in Cincinnati.

Bob Taylor, Park Hills, Ky.

Disbanding losing team just makes sense

I don't understand all the complaining by Reds fans just because club officials have decided to dump a losing team. I think Griffey and Larkin are proof enough that big names and big salaries don't necessarily make you a winner.

Larry Holtgrefe, Monfort Heights

Stingy Lindner just cares about money

The community should not be surprised by Carl Lindner's efforts to save a buck or two. He is using the same management style with the Reds as he does in insurance - if it is not working well, he'll just sell it off in pieces to make a buck. It is disheartening to be a Reds fan in Southwest Indiana, stuck with all the Cubs and Cardinal fans who have contenders.

Shawn Stapleton, Newburgh, Ind.

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