Containers of Excitement
Many avid gardeners dream of an acre (at least) of gardening space where they can create a little paradise. But few of us have that kind of space.

Nursery owner says organic is cheaper
From the late 1970s, when he planted elaborate gardens in front of Tristate Waffle House restaurants that he and his father owned, Marvin Duren has been passionate about growing plants organically.

Crowded stages don't dampen Blues Fest
The Queen City Blues Fest, Cincinnati's annual bout of boogie fever, opened Friday with good, steamy festival weather and a lineup to match.

Flaming Lips enchant circus-like crowd
The Flaming Lips took their time entering Bogart's stage Friday night, allowing three bands to precede them, but it was worth the wait, and for that matter the opening acts werenít slouches.

Bon Jovi's Riverbend show slow, uneven
The Queen City Blues Fest, Cincinnati's annual bout of boogie fever, opened Friday with good, steamy festival weather and a lineup to match.

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A guide to help make your day.

Read up to discover bookcases' value
Ever since books and other reading materials were produced, proper space for their storage has been an issue.
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Women get blue, too
Female guitarists, pianists, harmonica and horn players are taking more prominent roles in the blues, in the Tristate and nationally. The Queen City Blues Fest next weekend will offer fans a good look at some of today's top blueswomen.
Blues Fest schedule
Six local ladies who belt the blues
City is home to queens of blues
Players give fest doses of tradition, progression

Viewers turn off reality shows
Stunningly low ratings for this summer's reality shows have convinced network executives that viewers have had their fill of the copycat shows.

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Roller coaster craze never-ending cycle
The Fourth of July weekend is the busiest time of the year for roller coasters. And nowhere in the country is busier than the Tristate, with 72 coasters within a four-hour drive. Columnist Jim Knippenberg reports on his tour of 46 coasters at six amusement parks in six days.
ONLINE EXTRA: Rate and review the 46 coasters, and see what others think
Tour diary: 46 coasters, 3 states, 6 days
Map & information about the coaster parks

Readers share memories of flight
In honor of the 100th anniversary of flight, we asked readers to share their own memories of flying. Hundreds of folks did. Here are some of our favorites.
ONLINE EXTRA: More responses not included in print edition

Summer festival guide
It's summer - time for sunburns, humidity and a slew of festivals in the Tristate. Use this guide as a roadmap to fun for your summer weekends.

Summer Camp Guide
Find the summer experience that's perfect for your child with our annual guide to hundreds of camps in the Tristate area.

Fit City: Get up off the couch
Tristaters are overweight and out of shape, a survey shows. To change Fat City to Fit City, the Enquirer is beginning a year-long project to get you going on your own fitness program.

Technology news
Our weekly guide to computers, the Web and the latest gadgets.

Music lovers toast Cammy winners
A sold-out crowd of more than 1,110 local music lovers packed Jillian's for the seventh annual Enquirer Pop Music Awards (the Cammys). See who won.

Women of the Year
The Enquirer honors 10 Tristaters for their service to their community. The newspaper has recognized women of distinction annually since 1968.

On the Same Page
Join this year's community reading project.

Early look at Tall Stacks 2003
Two newcomers will join the world's largest gathering of historic riverboats, when Cincinnati's Tall Stacks Music, Arts & Heritage Festival recreates the steamboat era in October.