Friday, August 1, 2003

The Insatiable Shopper

Scouting the marketplace with Joy Kraft


Radio head: CapRadio is the answer for those on the move - biking, jogging, inline skating, gardening - who want to take FM sounds with them. The tiny 1-ounce radio, from PerfectCurve Inc., the folks who specialize in baseball cap accessories, is curved to clip comfortably onto the back of a hat (or collar, backpack or shirt pocket) and includes a high-power built-in antenna and earphones. It scans 88 to 108 MHz. $19.99 at Lids, Hat World stores or at Web site.


Signs of nostalgia: Rummaging through garage sales, flea markets and antique stores is half the fun of the find. But if you're pressed for time, just log on to Web site and take a trip down memory lane through new wood and tin signs aged to look old. We like old beach arrow signs and fresh lemonade signs for summer, especially if the only shore you got to this summer was on the Ohio River. $24-$30.


Cool pup: With the Canine Cooler Pet Bed, dogs trying to beat the summer heat have a soft alternative to those hard, but cool, kitchen tiles. After filling the puncture-proof bed (one time only) with water to activate the non-toxic, fluid-saturated core, the bed absorbs the pet's body heat and dissipates it into the air, always staying about the same as room temperature (72 to 80 degrees). No gels, no electricity, no refilling. $34.99-$84.95 at PetsMart, other pet stores and Web site.

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