Thursday, July 31, 2003

Patton blames agency for PC breach

The Associated Press

FRANKFORT - Gov. Paul Patton on Wednesday blamed the Transportation Cabinet for laxity that allowed its computers to be hacked and allegedly used for viewing pornography.

Government-wide policies and procedures to prevent those very occurrences were not followed, Patton said in a joint statement with Aldona Valicenti, his chief information officer.

The statement came one day after state Auditor Ed Hatchett reported that hackers, apparently from France, used the Transportation Cabinet's computers to store pirated computer files, including movies and games, and to serve as host for a chat room.

An audit also showed that 35 state computers were used to gain access to pornographic Web sites 6,000 times on four randomly chosen days.

"We have looked into the issues that were contained in the auditor's report related to ... security incidents and inappropriate use of the Internet in the Transportation Cabinet and have determined that state government-wide policies and procedures, put in place by the Governor's Office for Technology, were not followed," Patton's statement said.

The technology office had been directed to help transportation officials "take immediate and appropriate steps to rectify the situation," Patton said.

Valicenti, whose office was criticized in the report, said Transportation, like all other state agencies, was delegated the responsibility for adhering to the administration's policies.

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