Fed sees economy perking up
America's economy, which has been poking along, displayed fresh signs of gaining momentum in June and the first half of July, the Federal Reserve said Wednesday in its latest snapshot of U.S. business activity.

New president plans to pump up company
Terry Atwater, new president of Wayne Water Systems, has plans to expand the company's market to include other types of water-movement equipment.

Thirty-year T-bills not on horizon
A Treasury Department advisory group has decided against recommending that the government resurrect the 30-year bond now to help finance the national debt, according to minutes of the group's meeting released Wednesday.

What's the Buzz?
Halfway through the year, Ohio slipped back into 20th place in the receipt of venture capital.

Tipsheet improved
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Classic Beetle fans slug it out for final cars
PUEBLA, Mexico - Volkswagen is saying goodbye to its icon, the Beetle, ending production and sparking an international battle among collectors who want a final reminder of the car that was popular with everyone from post-World War II suburbanites to hippies.
FAA certifies high-power GE jet engine
GE Aircraft Engines has completed a major milestone in bringing the world's most powerful jet engine into service.
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Tristate summary

SUNDAY SPOTLIGHT     (Index of Sunday stories)
Business reform beginning to have impact
NEW YORK - The scandals thundered across the headlines like a noisy storm, failures so spectacular their names now seem synonymous with corporate ruin: Enron, WorldCom, Tyco, Adelphia.
First prosecution under new accounting law looms
Reform's authors see a good beginning
Off-books activity restricted

Top private firms saw recession
Even before the recession hit in March 2001, Greater Cincinnati's largest private businesses saw the tough times coming.

Drees Co. grabs top ranking in the 100
The Drees Co. earned the top spot in this year's Greater Cincinnati 100, but company officials say that the home builder is even bigger now.

Vehicle dealers showed the way
The tech bubble burst, the U.S. economy slumped, and consumers ducked for cover from terrorists.
These 100 show best of can-do spirit
Health care costs bite deep
Accountable to themselves
Habegger posts 50th profit in 50th year
Builder moves up - for now
Floturn flourishes as others fall
Sumerel service adds to revenue
Companies: Outlook for economy is grim
Everclear emerges as true up-and-comer

Erpenbeck archive
A. William Erpenbeck spent years building a company that appears to be crumbling. One of the Tristate's biggest home builders, the Erpenbeck Co., is under federal investigation for a suspected bank fraud that is affecting lenders, subcontractors and home owners. Click here for links to all Enquirer reports.