Wednesday, July 30, 2003

Safer roads: Teen drivers weigh in

The Enquirer asked members of its teen panel what can be done to reduce the number of teen driving fatalities. Here are some of their responses:

"Parents need to spend more time with teens because, in order for a teen to receive his/her license, one must complete 50 hours of driving time with a parent. Today, most parents are too caught up with their lives and forget about their children. Kids pretty much teach themselves to drive."

Tiffanie Chow, 18, Anderson Township, University of Dayton freshman

"Increase the hours with an instructor in the car and decrease classroom time."

Lisa Schultz, 17, Anderson Township, McNicholas High School senior

"Put more strict driving laws into effect. ... I already have had my license for almost a year and a half. I have had one driving accident, which was my fault, and when I went to court, the judge waived all the charges and just made me pay the court fees. If I were in the judge's shoes, I would have suspended my license for a month or so."

Ellen Koenig, 17, Clifton, St. Ursula Academy senior

"Increase the minimum driving age. I hate to say it, and as a high school senior myself (who received a license at 16), it was too early. Many teenagers are not responsible enough to drive a 2,000-pound car (which can also be used voluntarily or involuntarily as a 2,000-pound weapon). I'm not even sure if I was completely ready to drive."

Natalie Lawrence-Slater, 17, Wyoming, Wyoming High School senior

"Driving is an adult responsibility, and many teenagers do not have an adult maturity level. There should be other requirements for getting a driver's license under the age of 18. One possible requirement could be based on academic achievement, to prove that one can take responsibilities seriously."

Heather Heldman, 17, Hyde Park, Walnut Hills High School senior

"Even though I am not at the driving age yet, my friends are, and I know what it is like to be influenced by friends. It's not only peer pressure, but a person's own adrenaline to show off. I think there should be an age requirement before teens can drive without an adult. I think that will reduce the numbers of teen accidents where friends (are) showing off for them."

Haley Fritz, 15, Mariemont, Mariemont High School sophomore

"Certain traffic violations such as speeding should be more severe for drivers in their first year with a license."

Jake Rieth, 16, Bridgetown, Elder High School junior

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