Tuesday, July 29, 2003

Nasty Boys' ways continue upward climb

Metro Softball

By Colleen Kane
The Cincinnati Enquirer

In the world of the Metro Softball tournament, "defending champion" doesn't mean much.

A division championship simply forces a team to move up to a more competitive division the next year.

JSA Nasty Boys understand that well.

The Nasty Boys began playing in the Cincinnati Metro Softball Championship in 1991 in the D bracket as a group of Northern Kentucky high school friends.

They moved to C on their own in 1994 and were forced to B after winning the C division championship in 1997.

This year, they've moved to A after a winning the B championship last year.

"This tournament is all about bragging rights," Nasty Boys infielder Mike Williams said Monday at Rumpke Park. "We won B, and we got to brag all year. We got to play A, and we won our first game, and everybody's already talking trash to us."

Williams is one of four original Nasty Boys still on the team.

As the team moves up every year, original coach and catcher Joe Barnes recruits better talent.

"We were just in it for the fun back then. The more competitive it got, the more I enjoyed it, to try to get better talent and improve," Barnes said. "You play every year and pick up a guy here or there . . . We're looking forward to the challenge."

This year, Barnes recruited two power hitters to help in the transition to the hard-hitting A division, which allows nine home runs a game compared with six in the B division.

The Nasty Boys beat Symmes Tavern in their first game in A on Saturday. Monday night, they beat Cooper Sports 11-9.

Williams, who said he's "gotten a whole lot better" since he began, said they're out to prove themselves both to the A teams and to the players from Ohio.

"We don't just talk trash, we come out and play," Williams said.

"Everybody will tell you, the Nasty Boys hate to lose."


Movin' on up: Last year's C-American winner, Huss Electric, won its second game in the B division Monday, defeating Armor Roofing 14-10.

B division: Come Gets 'Em was down six runs to Lucke Homes in the bottom of the seventh, tied the game, then won 13-12 in nine innings.

In the Majors: No. 1 Perkins Roofing beat Springdale Cleaners 25-10 late Monday. They next play Friday.


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Cincinnati Metro Softball Championships

At Rumpke Park

6:30 p.m.

Class B

Huss Electric 14, Armor Roofing 10

Base Bandits 17, Tina's Softball 3

Total Pkg Express 13, Hoosier Wings 6

Class C - American

Campbell Hausfeld 15, Red Dogs 12

River Bandits 16, Richard Cranium 2

Corner Bums 7, Airy Pony Keg 2

7:30 p.m.

Class B

Come Gets 'Em 13, Lucke Homes 12

Class C - American

Triple Play 15, LapTop World 8

Tinkle Trucking 12, Johsnon Nash 11

Fannie's Sports Bar 15, CM Staffing 5

Scrubs 14, A.D.S. 8

Springdale Cleaners 10, DMG 6

At Eggleston

Class D - National

6:30 p.m.

BCI 14, Watson's 2

Weberding 9, Crosby Twp. Fire 3

So. Escrow 13, 513 Inferno 5

Dixon Builders 8, Blom Trucking 2

7:30 p.m.

Crosley Scrubs 15, Death 9

Brickwork 9, Clippards 3

Ferdinard Ramblers 5, A&A 1

Rumpke Cardinals 18, Exec. Supply X-Men 3

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