Tuesday, July 29, 2003

Morning memo

Today's number: 5.85 million - What Japan's top automaker, Toyota Motor Corp., expects its global sales for this year to be, up from the 5.79 million predicted in December and 6 percent more than the 5.52 million it produced in 2002.

---The Associated Press

Today's money tip

Homeowners may able to tap into their equity to repay credit card debt. Interest rates on equity loans or lines of credit are usually lower, and often interest payments are tax-deductible. But be careful: control your spending so you don't run up the credit cards again. Plus, if you can't make the home equity payments, you might lose your house.

--Amy Higgins

Today's mover

Vivek Choudhury has been appointed head of the department of information systems at the University of Cincinnati College of Business, where he has also been promoted to associate professor. Professor Choudhury came to UC in 2000 as assistant professor in the College of Business. Prior to that he was assistant professor in the College of Business at Florida State University from 1998 to 2000 and assistant professor at the University of Pittsburgh's Katz Graduate School of Business from 1991-1998.

--Shirley Dees

Today's career talk

If spirit and work can be summed up in one word, that word would be integrity, says Pat McHenry Sullivan in the book Work with Meaning Work with Joy. "When we live and work with integrity, we are authentic and whole," Sullivan says. "We can express our unique viewpoint and gifts while surrendering to the call of spirit to go beyond all sense of self."

--John Eckberg


LOCAL ROOTS: Traci and Chris Shinkle established their garden center in November 2001, specializing in plants grown by area nurseries. Each week, the plants and shrubs - already acclimated to Tristate conditions - arrive from local growers. The business also stocks plant-related merchandise and specialty gift items. It offers landscape design and gives classes for adults and children in horticultural topics.

SEASONAL COLOR: This month, the Mariemont Garden Center introduced fresh-cut bouquets made up of garden flowers such as zinnias, shasta daisies, sunflowers, larkspur, salvia, yarrow and dill. All the flowers are grown in New Richmond and will change with the seasons.

WINTER GREENS: As Christmas approaches, the Plainville garden center stocks wreaths, evergreen roping and live cut trees.

FAUNA WITH THE FLORA: The family-friendly nature of Mariemont Garden Center is reinforced by the presence of the Shinkles' three young children as well as the recent offspring of one employee.

--Jenny Callison

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