Monday, July 28, 2003 -- Volume 7, No. 209
Reds 8, Mets 5
Paul Wilson pitched well enough to win for the first time against his former team, and Jose Guillen's two-run homer gave the Reds the lead on their way to a win at Shea Stadium Sunday.

Report: Yankees pursued Jr.
The New York Post reported Sunday that the New York Yankees proposed a trade to the Reds that would have shipped Ken Griffey Jr. to New York just before Griffey's season-ending ankle injury.

Go house to house. Ring doorbells. Ask grown-ups for money. Sometimes a door slams in your face. "We do this for the children in Children's Hospital," Brittney explains, "so they can feel more at home."

Victim's family wants answers
While Hamilton city police say they've been working diligently on the case, Sharon Caldwell said she is frustrated that no one has yet been arrested for strangling her 44-year-old stepfather.

Proud to be blond
Emily Kreyling and Michelle Orstad are so blond that if their hair was any blonder, it would be clear. They're blond-bombshell blond. They couldn't blend into a crowd if they tried.

Hacker says he worked for FBI
Jesse Tuttle was sure he had made a good deal two years ago when he agreed to help the government safeguard sensitive computer systems against hackers, thieves and terrorists.

Dillon a late arrival
Three-time Pro Bowl running back Corey Dillon was the only player late for Marvin Lewis' first camp after missing his flight from the West Coast.
Bengals notebook

Condon's work sold at auction
Nearly 100 photography buffs and curious onlookers came out Sunday to bid on work and equipment of Thomas Condon, the commercial photographer convicted of illegally taking pictures of posed bodies at the Hamilton County morgue.

Blue Man Group for eyes, not ears
They haven't gone as far as Kiss and removed the makeup, but the Blue Man Group has entered into a questionable new phase in its career.
Blue Man Group

Complete local news report

City, victims tangle over flooding
They walk each step to freedom
Franklin: Bond issue will ease crowding
Christmas tree farms growing
Battalion returns home to a warm welcome

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Complete sports report

Swarm finish with win, will return
Reds vs. Phillies preview
Carter, Murray welcomed into Hall
Met softball oldies still goodies
His fifth title in hand, Lance chases history

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Complete editorials report

Cooperation yields results
Handle with care
Readers' Views
Building brighter kids
Helping kids get ready to grow

    • More editorials...

Complete business report

Dial-up providers offer speedy service
New Napster online music venture
Palm's pilot a devoted brain science student
Making it
Morning memo

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Complete tempo report

Going blond
Who Wants to Marry My Dad?
Spy Kids No. 1 at box office
Get to it!
Fit bits

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