Monday, July 21, 2003

Setting short-term goals makes progress more possible

By Shauna Scott Rhone
The Cincinnati Enquirer

Setting goals is as much as a challenge as meeting them. With all the self-help books, magazines and tapes out there, how do you know where to start? And why set goals in the first place?

"It's important for everyone to set goals," says Donnie Kalb, 27, fitness/sports director at Gamble Nippert YMCA in Westwood. Just make sure they're attainableFor example, Kalb says it's better to link together a series of short-term goals rather than aim for one long-term one, like losing two pounds every week instead of telling yourself you'll lose 20 in a month.

"If you're only setting long-term goals, you'll get discouraged," he warns.

"There's a mental aspect to it. If you exercise regularly, you'll start to feel better about yourself and build more energy. The change in you happens quickly. It's not long after that you begin to see the physical effects."

When you do meet a goal, don't forget to celebrate.

Buy a new outfit to show off the new body. Buy the athletic shoes made to handle your more active lifestyle or reset the same goal, to lose another five pounds or workout 30 more minutes.

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