Sunday, July 20, 2003

She uses garden to show off rescued items

Prize possessions

By Marsie Hall Newbold
Enquirer contributor

[IMAGE] Tanja Wick of Price Hill likes to collect old items and give them new life.
(Ernest Coleman photo)
Who: Tanja Wick, 35, an interior designer for Columbia Sussex and avid gardener.

On display: A quirky mix of lawn ornaments including: drapery finials, a teapot, decorative wrought iron, door knobs glued onto stakes, bowling balls and old chairs. There are also several wine racks, a wrought iron barstool and metal fruit bowls.

Where: Throughout the 4,800 square foot garden behind her East Price Hill home.

Everything old is new: "Anything and everything in my yard is reconditioned or recycled," Ms. Wick explains. "Even my patio is made from brick taken from a demolished building."

An artist's eye: Ms. Wick admits that she is not above "garbage picking."

"It is amazing what people will throw away!" she says, laughing.

She also finds odds and ends at yard sales and Goodwill. Friends and family contribute as well.

Blank slate: When Ms. Wick purchased her home in 1992, the yard was nothing but a mass of weeds. "There was no grass at all," she says. "I had plants and flowers planted before I started on the interior of the house."

Lemonade out of lemons: Ms. Wick has carved an "Alligator River" out along the side of her house.

"I couldn't maintain grass there, so I put down gravel," she says. "It slows down and filters the water and creates a backdrop for alligator statues. There's also an 'Alligator Crossing' sign."

Flight of fancy: Her latest addition is a "Fairy Garden."

"It's a shade garden filled with miniature plants," she says.

In the warm months, Ms. Wick spends most of her time in her garden. "There's nothing I enjoy more," she says, dreamily, "It's my own oasis in the city."

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